Wednesday, October 7, 2009

we're big babies now!

David is just under 7 pounds and Mary Louise is right at 8 pounds now!! They are both out of preemie clothes - well David can still wear one onsie - but I'm pretty sure that the current time, is the last time. They are both in newborn clothing and can wear a couple of 0 to 3 month outfits. They are also in size one Swaddlers!! The newborn size was getting a little snug and we had a few leaks, so I switched them to the size ones to alleviate that problem - they are a little big, but work well so that's where they'll stay. This week's goal? start cloth diapering. They are finally getting big enough to handle the extra bulk of the cloth diapers so I think I'll try again this week - I had tried once before with Mary Louise and it worked, but really was just too bulky for her. Since we are home much of the time, I am going to ultimately cloth diaper them here while leaving open the possibility of using disposables when we go out.

I started the babies on probiotics a little over a week ago and have noticed subtle digestive differences: less discomfort, less gas, easier stooling. Anyhow, Brent and I have been very pleased with the results. That along with stopping the Fenugreek seems to have fixed the issues we were having. I think that the amount of Fenugreek I was having to take to increase my milk supply in conjuction with their immature digestive systems was just a bad combination. They were on probiotics in the NICU for awhile as there is some research that shows that it helps to guard against NEC. The research is debatable - with the bottom line being "it might help and it will not hurt". Anyhow, we turned to the probiotics again and have almost stopped using Mylicon - which umm P.S. doesn't exactly work wonders. David's reflux has lessened as well - which likely has little to do with the probiotics but is a notable difference in his digestion all the same.

Mary Louise and David both consistently "help hold" their bottles. They follow objects and faces without noise or prompting of any kind. They hold their binkies with the backs of their hands. Though they haven't made any obvious advancements in rolling over or crawling, they will both "walk" if you hold their forearms only and stand them on the floor. We're still working on the holding the head up from being flat on the floor - though both can do it with an incline as an assist. Mary Louise is still quiet, David still chatty. But both are making appropriate sounds for their adjusted age. We have our eye exam in the middle of next month which will be interesting. I am so hoping that they don't need glasses yet!! (oh my gosh - can you imagine 2 newborn sized glasses wearing kiddos?!) But if they do need them, we will take that in stride as well and work things out. At this point, I'm just so so thankful they can see at all!

Yesterday, we went on our evening family walk and David FELL ASLEEP!!!! Oh I'm just beyond thrilled about that! I've been trying to put him in the stroller a few times a week but always end up having to stroll Mary Louise and put David in the sling. I've been waiting for him for so long (it seems) to tolerate riding in the stroller. Though I don't expect a daily repeat of yesterday, it seems to be a step in the right direction. I will be running again after all!

The little ones have both made vast advancments with nursing as well. I have been trying to nurse them more and more and although I still have to supplement some with the bottle post feeding, it's not near as much as I used to. They are also getting more efficient - I am getting less and less when I pump post nursing. We still have quite a road ahead really if I want to strictly nurse, but if they stopped right now, I'd be more than pleased with our progress.

They both cry when they can't see me and calm when they can - most of the time! They have developed different cries for different wants, but momma is slow and still learning their cues poor dears.

We had an exciting beginning of the week with the rain storms here. If you came in and viewed our home during the night, you'd think we were preparing for a tornado or something. The dogs have long shown a pattern of becoming increasingly afraid of the rain. Lizzie takes one bath mat, Tootle the other and Chester gets under the covers in our bed. Mills sleeps in our closet - all but Mills must have a full view of our bed at all times. But, David was something I was not expecting. He puts on quite the show - only letting me hold him - screaming inconsolably otherwise. He screams if he is put down, is restless all night and fussy and clingy all day. He does not sleep more than about 30 minutes at a time. (and I am so not kidding - though I honestly wish I were embellishing this at least a little!) The excitment comes just before the rain gets here and lasts until it is over. Then he is my sweet grumpy David all over again.

I think Brent believes he will be a "Momma's Boy" forever. I keep telling him, that'll change over night and eventually he'll not want anything to do with me but poor Brent doesn't believe me.

Meanwhile, Mary Louise is pleased as ever to have the undivided attention of her daddy. She grins ear to ear when he walks in from work and falls asleep every night lying on his chest listening to his heart beat.

With both babies settled for the moment, I'm going to try to rest a bit. Hope everyone is doing well!!


Oh - David's hair is finally growing a bit - it's coming in red...genetics - what a funny thing.


  1. As far as David's clingyness goes. I think it is a boy thing. Hayden is and has always clinged to me. He is just now getting to where he allows Steve fix his breakfast, wash his hands etc. We have been working on this since the new baby will be here befre we know it. But I just think it is a boy thing... they like their mommas and their milk supply close by. The Dr. used to tell me it was because he could smell the milk.

    Also the nap thing again Hayden was the same way for a long time. He would only cat nap for 20-40 minutes at a time. Now it is more like 1-2 hours, but never longer than that. Good luck, I know you ned a little down time during the day.

    Glad to hear their digestive systems are doing better!

  2. I think David's crying may be pressure related... I know I can tell when weather changes from the pressure... he may be sensitive to it...