Saturday, October 10, 2009

Happy Saturday

5:30am. Brent is trying to get out the door to go to his running club. David does not care about running club- only wants his feeding. Feeding started...

5:45 Brent still trying to leave. Mary Louise wants her feeding too...NOW!!

6:10 Mary Louise done with feeding and back to bed. David still poking around with his, but making progress. Brent finally leaves for running club.

6:15 Mary Louise cries because she is pooping and lost her binky. Binky replaced, baby yoga move assists with digestion, crisis averted. David not happy.

6:30 Mary Louise drops her binky again. Binky replaced. Still pooping. David decides he would rather play than finish his feeding...and by play, I mean he wants to bounce up and down on Momma's lap and grin and laugh. Very sweet - just wish it were about 2 hours later.

6:40 Mary Louise wants some Mommy time. The binky is just not cutting it anymore. Ummm - and she needs a diaper change.

6:45 David cries while Mom changes Mary Louise's diaper. Mary Louise happy lying on Momma's chest on the sofa. David happy when he gets to jump on Momma again. Momma - very very tired.

7:30 David still bouncing (believe it or not) -fusses anywhere but bouncing on Mom - and by fussing I mean crying hysterically. Mary Louise fussing and moving around (probably feeding off of David).

7:45 Mary Louise spits up - down mom's back - down the sofa, down herself and the blanket - somehow smushes her face in it and gets it on her forehead. Looks at me beneath the white curdles and grins - so she may have had a little tummy ache - hence the earlier fussiness (ok - of course hindsight is 20/20).

8:00 David has burped, pooped x2, and bounced to his hearts content. He now wants to go to sleep - on Mommy. Mary Louise resting on my shoulder post hasmat cleanup. David across my lap. Diaper patting x2 = 2 happy babies - one deleriously tired Momma.

8:30 We are all able to move to our respectable co-sleepers and beds. Mary Louise settles in...David not so much.

8:33 replace David's binky

8:35 replace David's binky

8:36 tape David's binky to his head (just kidding!)- put David's binky back in his mouth. At this time, he does not want said soother. He would like Mommy to hold him please.

8:45 David asleep in his makeshift "bed" in Mommy's bed.

8:45.30 Mommy asleep - dreaming of flicking Dad in the forehead for being all spry and running about on this lovely Saturday morning.

10:30 Mommy and babies all wake at the same time. Feeding time again. Mommy comes out of bedroom to find fresh cut flowers, breakfast, and Dad cleaning. Also, dinner has been started in the crockpot - one of Mommy's favorites. Dad has done grocery shopping, even bought a cute cotton dress for Mary Louise, Halloween t-shirts and diapers for both babies, and fresh berries for Mom. Mom rethinks her flicking fantasy and decides it'd be a good idea not to act it out.

I'm a lucky girl in more ways than I can count.

xo, Heather


  1. love your play by play morning.
    thru all the struggles, the four of you cope wonderfully.
    god bless!

  2. awwww that was such a great post! I love it!

  3. That is hilarious!!! Wow, what a wonderful happy ending it had! Way to go Dad!