Monday, October 19, 2009

poop on Mondays...

So up at about 6am. (umm - a sidenote - if you haven't inferred from previous posts, sleep is one of the MOST important things in the world to me personally. I hate waking up early - have never been a morning person. In fact, I can sleep from 8pm on or stay up all night - either way, I'm just as grumpy early in the morning. I have always taken naps. I was the kid in kindergarten who had to be physically stirred post naptime. I was also the kid who was disappointed in first grade when I found out there was more play time and no nap time. Really. I'm that bad.)

So I've been trying to get up with Mary Louise who wakes up (ugh!) bright and early with a HUGE grin on her face (ok that part never gets old) and usually about a half hour or so before David. We can therefore have a bit of play time before Mr. Grumps wakes up and it really does make my entire day a bit smoother to let her get some of her energy out. Not the case this morning though. Both woke up with little warning at 6am - a mere hour and a half after their last snack which was an hour after their last full feeding (are you doing the math?). So, I went to make their bottles, trying to tata as much as I could in between.

I propped them both on boppies on the sofa and started to feed them. They were satisfied for a few minutes, then David started again with the fussing. Mary Louise needed a little break from feeding anyhow so I scooped up David and rocked him while Mary Louise kicked, grinned, cooed and played. She really is the sweetest little thing. I realized that David was pooping - about 2 to 3 minutes post diaper change (isn't that usually how it goes?) Since David cannot stand ANY wetness on his royal hiney for any amount of time, I set off to change him again. I found what I can only graphically describe as a tiny skid mark soaking into his new diaper. Of course he calmed down as soon as it was removed and he was clean. Ha - he's something. In fact, I'm sure he's working on finishing his BM right now - but he must have interim diaper changes anyhow.

So after his cleaning, I wrapped him tightly and put him in his swing. He was fine for the moment. No doubt revelling in his almighty power to puppet his mommy. (oh I totally respond to their every whim - no shame in that right?) I went to pick up the happy Mary Louise - ha - I thought her back felt a little wet...

SHE POOPED - and I'm not talking just any regular baby poop - I mean she defied gravity and pooped up - seriously, it hit her shoulder blades, went through her clothes, her blankets and thank goodness for sealed leather sofas because a fabric one would have never been the same! Oh my - that's really my response...and still grinning? of course she was. I took her to the bathroom - there was no avoiding a full bath now - as David started to realize that the attention was in fact on something other than him. Poor guy fussed through the whole 5 minute bathing experience.

So, she's clean now, smells like honey and flowers (yumm - thanks Noodle and Boo lotion and body wash). I'm thankful in more ways than one for being able to breastfeed. It makes othewise stinky moments like these smell that much less - umm- potent. Seriously - I remember when the NICU nurses were able to start tube feedings with my milk. The babies went from smelling like band aids to something different. Almost indescribable - but it was absolutely breathtaking to me (not that the poop is so breathtaking - but it does just smell like vinegar as my mom so graciously pointed out). I would sit at their isolettes for literally hours smelling the little seams - even when we couldn't really touch them. Believe it or not, it helped my milk production immensely. Ha - don't worry, I was the strange stand offish mom way before I started sniffing incubators! (at least I realize the weird things I do, and laugh at myself for doing them - for the most part anyhow).

So yep - a post about baby excrement, way to have nothing but gross momma stuff to talk about Heather. Way to sink that much further into anti-socialism. It's ok (Heather) embrace it - be that person at parties who talks about poop and spit up like it's perfectly acceptable dinner conversation. pft - at least now it's about babies rather than various adult patients right?

Have a good day!
xo, Heather

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  1. They were jst giving you something to celebrate on their 6mth birthday!