Monday, October 12, 2009

Physical Therapy

So the babies are followed by 2 different early intervention development teams - one organized by their neonatologist and one made possible to all NICU babies by the state. The physical therapist for the state agency came today for her first visit with our little guys. She was WONDERFUL!!!! She was upbeat, positive, let me chat the whole darn time (I am a bit over-talkative these days if and when people come by - it's like I'm starved for attention and I just automatically pounce on any poor unsuspecting person stopping here - I've even had a full conversation with our mail lady - never done that before. Anyhow, I talked, she laughed and played gently with the babies.

David was fussy, she was unphased and gave him breaks and calmed him easily. Really - amazing. The babies did really well. The even seemed to enjoy parts of the activity - even David smiled some!

The therapist didn't see any reason to think that they wouldn't eventually catch up to their peers - though they may be a little slow in doing so. She said (and I quote...) "every baby is different - every baby does things in their own time." THANK YOU!!!! She showed me some exercises to do with them to encourage them to roll over and pick their heads up from flat on the floor. She will see them once monthly for the time being and more often if warranted (or needed) when they start to crawl (oh my goodness! they will crawl one day!) or (sniff, tear, huge grin) walk!!!

The appointment was fun and left me hopeful and excited as opposed to beat down and desperate. She even (bless her) helped me put the babies to sleep for a nap after she was done - so needless to say, she took her time and (I feel) got a good idea of where the babies are currently.

We are doing well - of course in need of sleep - but doing well all the same. I am excited and surprised to say that David has started to much prefer nursing to a bottle. Mary Louise LOVES nursing, but really - if there's food involved - doesn't care a whole lot where her milk comes from.

That's the latest.
xo, Heather

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  1. Wonderful news! What a difference one person who truly understands their job can make in the lives of others. xxxooo