Saturday, October 3, 2009

Off to the races!

Today is the very first day the babies and I exited the house (and entered the car) for something other than a doctor's appointment - or a trip 'round the state park. We bravely went to the race Brent's running club was putting on.

I tucked the little ones into a Moby wrap - which I should have been using long ago - it was really great once I got used to the technique of putting it on. Really, you could barely see them - I just looked really lumpy. I put a light blanket on over the wrap so the wind didn't get to them and set off with Sean to meet Brent. He was helping at the finish line. We stayed for 2 hours, the babies slept and/or grinned - they really did beautifully. People respected our space and just seemed happy that we could attend. It was a really nice morning followed by a fantastic 2 hour family nap!!

The boys are now watching THE football game and I am once again pumping. It's going very well and the babies seem pleased as punch that I've weaned off of the Fenugreek. I am able to give them all fresh milk for about a day and half to 2 days before having to add a little frozen for a day. I still hope to eventually be able to keep up with their total demand with fresh, but for right now, this is a vast improvement.

I must say, I sort of forget sometimes how isolated I am here - being a hermit of sorts out of general necessity. It felt good to get out even for a few minutes - a little disorienting - but nice. So, if you do see me with a bewildered look on my face, please bear with me. In addition to sheer exhaustion, I don't get out much - everything is a little exciting and little scary at the same time when you've essentially been locked up for 7 months. (The babies will be 6 months on the 19th and I was in the hospital a full month prior to them being born).

I should mention - David has been quite the chatter box these days. He proudly says "agoo" over and over with a huge grin on his face, he giggles upon occasion, and he says "a" sometimes as well. Mary Louise is starting to chime in with her own "agoo" sound and makes a sort of motor boat sound as well. She is surprisingly quiet compared to David though so I must make sure to talk to her often as David typically demands a bit more attention. She is a little more advanced with her motor skills but is still working on getting her noggin up from lying flat on the floor. They both sort of instinctively scoot when put on their bellies, but don't get their heads up quite enough yet to get anywhere. We are working very hard though and they are getting stronger by the day.

Thanks to everyone at the running club for making our first outing such a pleasant experience!!

From babies first time out


  1. So sorry the fenugreek took a toll on the babies! I feel so bad!

    Getting out is an amazing experience! I still don't do it often w/ the kids as we are now going in to our 2nd round w/ RSV/Flu season. Enjoy every second!

  2. Yay! Glad you were able to make the race and that Sean was able to help too! I bet it felt great to get out for a bit!!