Friday, October 9, 2009

and the weather man says...

TORRENTIAL down pour!

So I've mentioned before that David can tell the weather - particularly stormy weather. Today is no exception. My poor little guy has been so fussy since this morning that I'm having a very difficult time keeping it together myself. Sweet Mary Louise has waited her turn so patiently for undivided mommy time but today that time has been quite a challenge to find. Enter - rain. It's just started. David is finally calming - it's 1:15 - he's been upset since about 6am. It seems that once the rain is actually here, he has some sort of release and can rest easily. I just wish I could find something to make him happy during his stressful time. I know it's likely the barometric pressure that bothers him - and I haven't heard of anything but sedation helping issues like that. (and that trick was learned as a vet tech - in a different life - and used only on dogs afraid of the weather!) So I just sit, tata, rock, tata, feed, sing, tatatatatata - and tata. If he does fall asleep, there is no way to put him down - it's almost as if he's waiting for me to try and screams hysterically if I even think of putting him in his Nap Nanny, swing, bouncy chair - or even on the bed or sofa next to me.

Anyhow, it's quiet now, and I did get a few minutes here and there to play with Mary Louise. She's hilarious - smiling all the time and she gets so excited about bouncing! I'm thinking of getting a little bouncey chair for her but fear that none with accomodate her small stature safely - she's 8 pounds now. Her quads would make some weight lifters jealous! She is so muscular and strong! I'll have to look into it (the bouncer that is). If anyone has a suggestion of one they just love and advisory email would be very much appreciated. Meanwhile, momma and daddy's laps work just fine for bouncing!

In other news...I have not had to defrost ANY milk this week! Yippeee! and I have also gone up a little on their feeds - they were at 3 ounces for so so long and would rarely take anymore. But with this last growth spurt, I have gone up just 10mls to make it an even 100mls for each feeding. Way to grow guys!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. I'm feeling a bit under the weather so I'll be trying to get all the rest I can muster.

Oh speaking of feeling bad - I've started to receive phone calls with automatic recordings reminding me of how dangerous RSV season is for babies and that the season has started so we should be careful and take as many precautions as possible blah blah blah. Though I understand their vigelance, it is a bit strange to receive such calls - almost as if you're being warned of some CDC crisis - " IT'S HERE!! KEEP YOUR BABIES INSIDE!!" What a weird, awful, beautiful, stressful, devastating, lucky, happy, blessed year we've had.

xo, Heather

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