Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pedi Room for Rent??

I've been to the pediatrician 3 times in a week. I asked today if we could just reserve a room for a bit just for our little ones. The first appointment, in all fairness, was Everett's 9 month check up.

He's 18 pounds 10 ounces (as of today) and 27 and a half inches long. Healthy, perfect, beautiful.

The conversation with the doctor was 3 hours of interesting, moving, heart wrenching...the staff was less than appreciative - but this woman needed to talk a minute. She asked me about Kuylen - she really wanted to know. She asked how much time we had with him, how I processed it all, lots of "how". She listened intently to my answers and would occasionally ask new questions. Finally, as I just stared at her with tears in my eyes and nothing more to say...she told me about her son - the 13 years she had with him and how she's doing now. It was my turn to listen - and it felt good to connect. She said how sorry she was to have called Mary Louise and David twins. I smiled and shook my head - it was all I needed to do - she already knew it was perfectly ok - but even I was surprised with how appreciative I was to her. She got "it" on such an intimate level. I can't imagine what she goes through on a daily basis - the internal ache, the fog. Her sweet boy, forever in her heart.

That was last Friday - and by Monday, we were going full force with nebulizer treatments for Mary Louise and David. David woke Monday morning looking flushed. His temperature went from 100.7 to 102.5 within a half hour and we were on our way to the pedi office for the second time around just a few minutes after that. The doctor said Mary Louise had a severe asthma related attack - the weather warmed again over night and she was the 4th case that morning with similar symptoms - retratctions despite breathing treatments and notable wheezing. We had to go to the hospital for chest x-rays to rule out pneumonia (her chest was clear). She was started on oral steroids (yip. ee.)

David had congestion, coughing, clear chest and a bilateral ear infection. He was started on Zithromax.

 The only plus (sort of) was that the general mucous was bacterial in nature - so they weren't considered contagious (in the air born sense).

Today, Wednesday, David woke from a nap this afternoon with his eyes filled with nasty goop. I mean super gross. He was screaming. I was gagging, calling for another appointment and insisting on seeing anyone with prescriptive authority. I looked at Mary Louise again - she was happy and playing, but sure enough - yellow yuck in her eyes. It was there. Double appointment it was.

David is allergic to penicillin which is the first choice for bacterial ear infections. The Zithromax he was on wasn't working. Not only were his ears filled with pus, but said disgusting-ness had spread to his eyes. HIS EYES!

Mary Louise had started with an ear infection as well - that had, of course, spread to her sweet eyes. Umm - again: EYES.

Yes - there was a bit of freaking out on my part.

New antibiotics for David. Start of antibiotics for Mary Louise. Eye drops 3 times a day. If you think you're some kind of smooth and medically inclined, I highly recommend trying to get close to David's eyes. Once there, try to put a drop of anything in them. It's an experience you won't soon forget (because he will remind you about how terribly you hurt his eyes for the rest of the least).

After all of that, I asked the NP to check Everett's ears as well. His were clear. He has a clear runny nose and slight cough but is otherwise doing well so far.

Why didn't I know the severity of their ears? Oh - because now, today, when David's ears couldn't actually get much worse, he still claims they don't hurt. Mary Louise said her ear was a little sore last night at bedtime - after I asked David about his. No tugging, complaining, interruptions in sleep, no problems hearing...meanwhile Everett tugs his ears almost everyday - it's his go to fidget when tired.

Yep - I'll never know if these kids have ear issues or infections.

So, that's where we are now. Mary Louise will finish her steroids on Friday. They have worked - and she's got all the personality to show for it. Today, when leaving the pedi office, she started yelling, "you gonna feed me now Mommy? Can you get me something to eat now?? You gonna get me some food?" Awesome, I have the skinniest, most petite and pale kids around and now she's begging for food...maybe the social worker has some Spaghetti-o's in her purse sweet pea? (mind you she walked into the place eating and has been eating and drinking just fine at home - it's the 'roids I tell you! - at least they have frequent weights on file so they know I'm not starving the child.) She has also developed the habit of talking back with her hand on her hip...Brent is pleased. really pleased.

Hoping the next 24 to 48 hours brings back my happy littles, and makes the snotties and fevers leave this house for goodness sake!! (wish me luck with those eye drops!)


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