Friday, January 18, 2013

Mama, Dada, Married?!, and photo catch up! (Phew!)

Generally, we've been busy around here - I mean in between being sick, almost sick, and getting over getting sick...we've had some seriously good times.

Dom and June's Mom is expecting twin girls very very soon. So, I asked (uhem...begged) to borrow her 2 big kids on occasion so that she can do whatever it is her heart desires for a few hours. It's quite self serving - I love those kiddos - and love the chaos having 5 under 4 brings. But, I also remember way too well what it was to be on a special diet, feel totally exhausted before even getting out of bed in the morning, and just wanting a minute to breathe and process.

Anyhow, we have a great time - and that many kids milling around leaves me smiling and focused (believe it or not). knew a little story was coming right?...we have a crush developing...

This guy:

and this gal:

caught me off guard yesterday when I heard, "no May Weeze! you kiss den you get mah-weed!" My awesome response, "uh - no one is getting married or kissing here guys! - now go find something to throw or jump on." Ha - I'm such an authoritarian. (not at all...)

When did 3 become the new 13?? Last night, there was some slightly serious talk in 2 house holds in this area:

Me: Mary Louise. We don't kiss anyone ok?
ML: ok Mommy. (she had no idea what I was talking about - but Brent was home and saw the "action" as well so was having a bit of a time processing it - so something needed to be said...)
Me: do you understand? you can give your friends hugs - but no kissing please.
ML: (nodding seriously) ok Mommy. Yes. I udda-tand.

Conversation over. Fast forward to this morning. The big kids climbed into our bed about 6:30. Brent leaned over, told me good morning between Everett's giggles and swings, and gave me a kiss.

Mary Louise: UH AHHH!!! No no NO! No kissing!! We don't kiss ANYONE Daddy!! Mommy! No kissing!!

(We may need to have another chat...or just clarify over least we know she literally took in what we were saying!)

This little snuggle muffin in the middle:

Said "Mama" on January 4th, "Dada" yesterday, is finally making friends with crawling (rather than acting like I'm making him crawl across shards of glass when I put him on the floor), and pulled up to a stand on the sofa yesterday!!!

Of course with crawling comes the classic "LeBlanc kid" breeches...I've joked that there is no baby proofing a house for Mary Louise and David - and offered to bring them to first time parent friend's houses because they will point out a "weak" area in about 30 seconds flat. I'm serious. Every classic dangerous move a kid can make - they've done it - 3 times over. Fork in the electrical socket? tried over and over (thank goodness our covers are so tight I need help prying them out of the wall)...getting in the bath tub without supervision? done - they put their frog potty and bumbo seat tub side, climb on it and flip into the tub...climbing drawer pulls? using same potty and bumbo to unlock the back door? stacking blocks in an attempt to get something off of a shelf? climbing on chairs then a glass top table? all done.

Everett? decides to crawl...directly over to a fire place, moved the screen out of the way and proceeded to stuff his mouth full of the rocks surrounding the gas log there...while I changed David's diaper.

The concerning quiet moments have started people. Only good stories and dumb founded Momma moments can come from this.

Over the Christmas season, we visited our dear friend Shane and his family. (My goodness we love these people)

(that's a giant snow globe - the kids were fascinated)

The big kids had their first ever taste of hot cocoa:

pretty sure it went over well...they asked for thirds:

Shane's niece Zoe graciously shared her toys and swings with our kids:

it was a really good day.

We also had a Christmas celebration with Mere, Pops and Nanny Zoo.

E soaking up his Pops time: (do you think they're related?)

Playing games:

David's new train set:

Pics of the family - of course it's impossible to get everyone to look at the same time...and the kids were starting to feel bad that day (little did we know the plague that was in store!!)


Then, after our eye appointments, we went to visit Mimi for a bit:

David was a bit grumpy - Everett was having a party for one:

But we had a wonderful visit, lunch, played outside, and didn't destroy anything beyond repair - I'll call that a win.

A sweet sweet moment - Mimi reading Cinderella to Mary Louise (who yes, has a super terrific chocolate milk stache going on):

Incredibly blessed with family and friends...will do a separate post with some wildly cute kiddies in matching jammies (because I'm cheesy like that.)


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  1. This is the line I use with my preschool class, "Save your kisses for Mommy and Daddy."

    Your stories about being unable to child-proof the house for two "partners-in-crime" bring back memories. One would simply climb on the other ones back to reach whatever they wanted. I found them crawling on top of the stove and getting my purse off the top of the fridge. They both were able to sit in the fridge with just their little feet sticking out and the door barely open. That one REALLY scared me!
    Trudy in MS