Wednesday, January 23, 2013

First Grasses!!

The much anticipated glasses pick happened after Mary Louise's ballet class this evening. Pretty sure the big kids enjoyed the attention:

The pics were taken before the glasses were properly fitted - but with the commotion, it's what I got - and they're so darn cute, I'll go with them!

The plastic frames are obviously a bit big for them - so are the reserve pairs and ones that they'll wear once Mary Louise and David grow a little more.

This is the only pair that fits David currently (only as in - the only ones other than infant frames that exist to fit his little face):

But good golly he's a cutie!!

Mary Louise had a little more selection - as in she had 2 sets to choose from rather than David's one. This one won because it's pink / purple:

They were wildly proud of the cases we bought to hold the spares - which look like coffins for small animals if you ask me...but had to be big to accommodate the plastic frames once they were fitted (the arms of the glasses had to be bent to fit ML and D's ears and stuck out so much when folded that the small cases didn't work).

Funny face - but finally fitted:

Looking outside:


Where my gwasses Mommy??

We brought Mary Louise and David to dinner to celebrate - followed by frozen yogurt of their choice. I typically drive with my glasses as I'm near sighted. But I wore my glasses all evening and ML and D loved it. They were so proud. They asked over and over if they could wear their new glasses tomorrow and made sure to watch where I put them tonight so they knew exactly where to go to get them in the morning. We have park plans in the morning (weather permitting). We'll see how it goes! (I'm already seeing a few more adjustments to the frames in the very near future.)



  1. AHHHHHHH! They are so stinkin' adorable and the glasses only manage to make them even cuter!