Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Moving on (from Fifths)

We are (almost) recovered. But for residual post nasal drips and occasional coughing (worse at night), you'd never know we were here:

just a week or so ago.

We got better just in time for our (once) annual eye exams for Mary Louise and David. Traveling to New Orleans is never easy, but it comes along with family visits and the best food around so, once there, it's a stinkin' good time for all. The eye appointments, though the purpose, are far from the highlight and typically consist of a rather rough 3 hours of juggling sweet babes and entertaining light sensitive toddlers by any means necessary. This time though, we got a bit of a bonus: both Mary Louise and David need glasses. (insert Mommy tears and Daddy angst here - thankfully, the kids are much tougher than their ninny parents)

David's right eye has been wondering a bit for over a year. We pointed it out during our 2011 visit but it didn't warrant intervention at that time. 1 year later, David has been diagnosed with strabismus, astigmatism and is near sighted. Mary Louise has astigmatism and is also near sighted. The hope is that the glasses (for David) will help to correct the strabismus (unrelated to weak muscles) by correcting his vision thereby encouraging the fusion of his eye function.

Now, you may or may not have heard that our sweet 3 year olds are rather petite. I had no idea how difficult it would be to find frames that would properly fit their faces - nevermind look appropriate for their age. I called 8 places today after going to 3 in the New Orleans area. Of the 11 places total, 3 of them carried frames that would possibly fit Mary Louise and David. (2 of those were in or around New Orleans). My goal was to find something local to us so that we could have repairs and adjustments done as needed. Please, I don't for one second think we will embark on this journey with 2 3 year olds and never have a glasses mishap or disaster.

Today, I FOUND OUR BABIES THEIR GLASSES!!! They will each have 2 sets - consisting of a wire pair and a plastic pair - and, perhaps most important, they are both excited about their choices. We should be able to pick up our order and have them adjusted sometime next week...and I dare say, these kiddos are some of the very cutest glasses clad preschoolers (gasp) I have ever seen!!

So, here we go - entering a new realm. May they take all their bumps, hiccups and unplanned snafus so well.

Just for kicks, I'll include a pic of Everett while sick:

Um, yeah. Ok, ok, really - he has glassy eyes here:

and a hint of a snot nose:

and his hair - his hair was flat:

 and yes, his tongue is constantly dragging and drooling these days...it's how he does teething. (and it's my unfailing source of entertainment - as if Mary Louise and David aren't enough right?)

This morning, I woke at 7:30. Everett was nursing, and grinning, Mary Louise was in my bed and had her little hand on my forehead saying, "Mommy? you hab a good night sweep and feel much much better today?" and David, also in my bed (inches from my face) announced, with a grin no less, that he had pooped and needed a fresh diaper pweese. Really, I'm the least morning, non-morning person I know and I couldn't help but giggle at my audience.

Good times.


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  1. So glad your crew is feeling better...they need to stay that way--- it's almost your birthday! :)