Sunday, January 6, 2013


Once this is over, once we are all over this thing - this awful awful virus - the words Fifth's Disease will only be whispered very quietly within our walls. Hushed tones only I tell you - and only when absolutely necessary.

David's fever had remained at bay for about 2 days until this afternoon when he spiked yet another temperature of 102.5. But even that is better than it was during the first few days of this mess.

Everett has an ugly cough and unreal congestion, but his fevers have been relatively low (thankfully). He nurse literally for 4 or 5 days straight - after which I found a buggar of a big top tooth emerging. Poor boy can't catch a break it seems.

Mary Louise has had all of the classic symptoms of Fifth's. Her color was much better today. She played and helped to pick up toys. She also had a really nice long bath and played with her roll on colors - great to see her sweet smile again.

Nebulizer treatments have been in full swing. Everett even needed 2 or 3 during his worst days. I'm just thankful we at least have a protocol for respiratory issues that seems to keep us out of the hospital (even if it is just barely out of the hospital).

Poor Mommom tried to help for a couple of days - and ended up sick herself. We had asked Mere and Pops for help but quickly realized it wouldn't be very nice to expose everyone to this special kind of misery and asked them to stay home unless we got into real trouble.

Brent has been nothing short of amazing. I know he felt awful too - even having to go to Urgent Care for shortness of breath and chest tightness one day. He developed bronchitis on top of (or because of) the virus and was having asthma symptoms as a result. Home he came with a steroid shot on board, antibiotics and his very own Albuterol inhaler. Despite all of that, he has absolutely kept us safe and afloat amid our sea of sickness. He's kept up with the laundry (including diapers), cleaned dishes, made time for me to nap, cooked dinner last night and cleaned the kitchen completely this morning.

I finally felt human enough to move around normally today - making trips up and down stairs slowly, but with stable steps. I feel like I can complete a thought for the first time in almost 2 weeks. It will be a slow recovery I think but we'll get there with time.

To the mother with the 7 month old recovering from RSV:

Breathing treatments are just hard - and that age would make them even more so. I have toys and games and even TV shows we watch and play with only during treatments. I sit with ML and give her individual time - as much as possible - during her treatment. I used to breathe with her - demonstrating deep breathing (which kept me calm as well). At such a young age though, it's just hard. There are many attachments that can be used as a mouth piece. I've had friends get a pacifier attachment as well as masks in the shape of animals, etc. I've let ML and D decorate mouth pieces, draw on them, and place stickers on them. Most of all though, patience is key (as with all things parenting right?)- and if all else fails, know that if they are crying during the treatment, their breathing is deeper allowing the medication(s) to penetrate more lung tissue.

I'll keep thinking on that - but I hope this helps.

Thank you to all who have prayed, offered to help us in various ways and sent happy thoughts our way.



  1. Heather. So sorry to hear about the sickness. We had influenza b around here. 104 fever, cough, and oh the snot is still around. It lasted a little over a week. Saying prayers for you.

  2. Just a quick note to say, thank you so much for the ideas, I might look into different mouth pieces. We are still on an every 4 to 5 hr neb treatment cycle, but he is getting better, even though his sister gave him influenza, but still blessed to be home and not in the hospital. Your entire family is in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you again for taking the time to respond to us, Ann, Sharon and baby John. Hugs to you. And yes patience is so important in all of this, some days I doubt I can handle anything more, but somehow the lord helps me through.