Thursday, January 24, 2013

Glasses: Morning 1

We got home after dark last night, washed up and went to bed. So, first thing this morning, I put Mary Louise and David's glasses on their sweet faces and let them watch Clifford while I readied the house for the day.

They were amazed.

David participated, out loud, where applicable. He told me everything he saw on TV. When Curious George came on next and the show was about the library, both kids got really excited and went to their book shelves to take out books and "set dem up yike a yi-berry".

They, quite literally, have not stopped talking since they put the glasses on - and the conversation has shifted from "what's that" and "why" to "Mommy! I see..." and "I want to try...". It's exciting I tell ya!

A plus that has shown itself already is that my big guys are going through this together. They have looked at one another a giggled countless times, "adjusted" the glasses on the other's face a few times, given hugs, held hands, they get toys out for both kids and excitedly show one another as if it's an all new thing. They have instantly become more independent and David, in particular, seems to have had an obvious jump in self confidence.

I know things will level out over time - which is why I wanted to write this down now - as an untainted first impression. Mary Louise and David have handled their new accessories with all of the grace and innocence I've come to all but expect from them.

My wise little ones continue to teach me what's most important.

With the potty training progress and a hair cut scheduled tomorrow, my sweet David will have grown 2 developmental feet by this week's end.

And Mary Louise? Yeah - she's certainly earned her place as a mini matriarch in this family:

ML: Mommy? You potty twained?
Me: umm - yes.
ML: and Daddy's potty twained? and Mere? and Pops? and Mommom? and Uncle Ky-gool? and Uncle Co-yin? and Uncle Son? Dey all potty twained?
Me: yes. They are all potty trained.
ML: But Da-bid and Ev-it. Dey not potty twained.
Me: no - that's true.
ML: Maybe I could dus help Da-bid use da potty. Uh-cuz Ev-it's a baby so he wears di-pahs...but Da-bid's a big boy so he can't need to wear di-pahs..."DAAAAA-BIDDDD?? You need ta use da potty. Here I help you. Yet's go Da-bid.
D: OK Meese!

My how I wish her efforts would work - but "A" for effort and fearlessly positive approach my baby girl!


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  1. Such wonderful news! Can't wait to see them in their new glasses.