Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Weekend Update:

Mary Louise and David woke this morning wanting to color. I took out their work books and watched as they "went to town". Suddenly, they asked about a page of pictures. I jumped at the chance to focus their endless energy on a lesson in "same vs. different". They loved it! They focused on the pictures, answered the questions, we talked over the pages and they were over it all in about 10 minutes. Welcome to preschool kiddos!

Meanwhile, Everett saw a golden opportunity this morning. He was on the bathroom floor as I was brushing my teeth. I heard splashing...ladies and gentlemen, our "baby" has discovered the toilet. He looked about like this when I caught him - mid splash:

He was very proud - and especially loved the vigorous hand washing that ensued as his grossed out Momma frantically scrubbed the ewies and nasties away. Toilet locks employed once more...what the heck is it about that porcelain throne that so attracts our little ones??

The LeBlanc kids are officially growing up.

Mary Louise and David have finished their antibiotics as of this morning. Their eye drops will be completed today. They are doing very well and have been since about 48 hours into the proper meds. We traveled to Mommom's on Friday for some extra hands in care, to visit Uncle Collin and relax a bit for our birthdays - Collin and I have birthdays one day apart.

It was fun, but Everett's runny nose progressed to a slight eye infection and fluid in his ear - so we went to Urgent Care with him Saturday morning to start antibiotics. Monday, I woke with the same symptoms...Urgent Care again...we stayed an extra night in Houma as I needed some rest before heading back. Meds, times 3 kids and a sick mom, 3 times per day, with allergies involved= overwhelming when not feeling well.

We ***seem to be mending once more though...and I'm a little tired of feeling like a broken record of sick reports.

Brent, Uncles Sean, Kyle and Collin boiled some crawfish on Saturday. It was the first time our kids had seen those little mud bugs!

True to their personalities, David marched right up and picked up and poked at a crawfish while Mary Louise went running and hid behind my legs. Everett was just happy to be crawling around in the grass.

David couldn't have been happier to help with the prep:

Under Uncle Sean's supervision:

Mary Louise stood back - a bit concerned:

She was much happier when Mommom produced a bit of side walk chalk:

We set up on the lawn for a lazy afternoon of cooking:

Mary Louise was pumped to have her very own "corns" (unseasoned of course):

and though E's eye wasn't feeling too well, the rest of him was doing just fine:

Later that evening, Brent and I slipped away for a quiet birthday dinner:

(and I got to wear my fun and fancy flapper dress):

Mommom doesn't live far from the parade route, so on Sunday, when most people were having their pre game celebrations, we dashed down town to see a few floats. The kids had never been to a "big" Mardi Gras parade. (ML and D were doing fine health wise and Everett's eyes were clear and he had minimal congestion.)

Though they were a little apprehensive at first, they quickly warmed to the "throw me something mister" mentality. Everett went to sleep pretty quickly in my carrier and stayed there under the Ergo hood snug as a bug the whole time.

Still a little worried but liking the swag:

and there she is:

and David:

We stood across from my old elementary school and church, right in front of the ice cream shop we frequented as kids:

David got a bit over stimulated at one point so we stood back just outside the ice cream shop doors. He saw a marching band coming, got really excited and suddenly took off running towards the rest of the family to see a little better. He missed the curb...with everything but his face...and glasses. One set down. I mean, nose piece smashed and lens gouged. I did purchase extended warranties, but was hoping we would have them for a little more than 2 weeks...c'est la vie. (and though David has quite the burn on his forehead, he's doing ok and wearing his back up Clark Kents while we order a new primary set up for him).

After that excitement, we went home for a good rest. The next day, Uncle Collin's girlfriend, Lhee, made the kids some fancy juice in fancier glasses. They thought it was just about wonderful:

(P.S. the "glasses" are plastic in case there's concern)

Later on, Mary Louise brought me her set of wire framed glasses saying, "dey jus need a sca-rew...I pick at dem." She had somehow picked a screw out of the nose piece and lost the pad and screw in an undisclosed location...2 sets of glasses, 2 days.

Go figure. It's just how we do things...thankfully, it should be an easy fix...I just hope this doesn't develop into a theme with her in particular. (I mean, nasty spills are one thing...purposely taking things apart is a separate issue altogether).

And that, is our weekend wrap. Loads of fun, a few sickies and accidents, but overall, a joy.


P.S. I wrote another guest "that mom" post. It's a little gripey - I wrote it while sick and on 3 hours of sleep...I did not have my happy pants on - but the points are (I think) valid nonetheless. Anyhow -McCall's blog is super cute and well, a little awesome so feel free to explore as you wish.


  1. BOILED CRAWFISH!!! So jealous! I need to find a place in DFW that sells live ones so Paul can season his new boiling pot!

    And is that a photo of YOUR MOM drinking a 20 OZ. COKE???

    Hope you had a great birthday celebration!


    1. So, the way my mom keeps her diet in check is to evacuate any and all vices from her reach...enter her heathen children - we mess her up every time poor woman! ha - there were many treats this weekend...I even indulged in a few crawfish tails Brent peeled for me - a first in about 6 years for me!