Thursday, February 7, 2013

All (Pretty) Clear

We went back to the pediatrician this morning to get an "all clear" from our last bout of ear / eye infections and congestion. Mary Louise and David have residual clear runny noses that are expected to last 2 to 3 weeks. Mary Louise has gained a full 2 pounds (making her 29 pounds this morning) - thanks oral steroids! David is holding steady at his slight 27 pounds - at least he hasn't lost anything!

Everett is a step behind the older 2 of course. He is still taking his medication (which has thankfully gotten a bit easier to give over time). But his ears were clear and he is down to clear nasal discharge - just sounds a little more congested as compared to Mary Louise and David.

The appointment also doubled as a "lung check" for Mary Louise so we won't have to return (AGAIN) to have her asthma medications refilled and updated. David needed a number of breathing treatments while sick - which is not unheard of and has been approved (sort of - maybe "understood" would be a better term there) by the pediatrician. However, our insurance won't pay for the medications to be put in David's name unless we bring him in actively wheezing. Nice right? We would have to allow David to get worse than we normally would to get a script for nebulizer treatments in his name. Just thought I'd throw that nice little gripe out there. If we waited until David had congestion in his chest (thereby causing wheezing), we would have to do almost 3 times the number of breathing treatments around the clock than if we acted in a preventative manner and administered the treatments when the congestion was bad, but not infecting the entire airway...It just doesn't make sense for a child to have to get worse when we know what will keep him on minimal medication and out of the hospital...(which, by the way, wouldn't exactly save the ins. company any money right?) I think his history should serve as proof enough that he needs the extra medication during a peak phase of a respiratory illness...the doctor actually agreed - but said her hands were tied as far as offering the script. He has to have active wheezing to get the prescription. From then on, he can have it refilled as needed.

We also stopped at the glasses place the get Mary Louise and David's primary frames repaired / replaced. Mary Louise's were fixed on the spot and David's were reordered. We'll be able to pick them up in 2 weeks. All sets in hand were readjusted and we were home bound for lunch and a little quiet time. (Everett had had just about enough of all the running around anyhow).

I'm taking Lizzie (our Weimaraner) to the vet today for some unexplained weight loss...yep - even the fuzzy kids are struggling around here...


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