Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fun with Everett

Everett is 10 MONTHS old!!!! He is about 19 pounds of fun and growing more everyday. (For a fun comparison, Mary Louise and David were about 10 pounds at his age...during our last visit to the doctor, Mary Louise was 29 pounds and David was just under 27.) Everett recently mastered clapping and is absolutely loving "Peek a Boo". He's crawling quickly and gaining in speed by the day. He can pull up on anything, will cruise around while holding furniture and will let go to fall into my arms or on the floor - but isn't quite ready to walk independently just yet. He's still my snuggle bun - and definitely recognizes his parents vs. others. He is still nursing like a champ but "asks" for solids regularly now. Still very sensitive to dairy, he doesn't seem to have any other issues with food. He's tried a host of fresh / steamed veggies, loads of fruits and loves his little snacks - coconut or rice milk drops, and dairy free puffs as well as some granola and whole grain pancakes.

His great appetite seems to influence Mary Louise and David as well who have found a new love for steamed broccoli, cauliflower, peas and roasted sweet potatoes. (win. win.)

David is proudly (ahem) teaching Everett to use the potty currently. Everett claps from his Bumbo while I cheer for David's progress...yes. I cheer. Loudly. Our status of the morning:

"You can have your "big boy" underwear but you must continue to use the potty! Do not poop or wee on Superman!" - I am a nurse, a mom and it's Mardi Gras day. There was an iron clad guarantee that no matter what path I took in life, I would say those words today. Some moments are just meant to be...wish David luck with his under-roos! round 3342 of potty training. Here we go!

I am still very hopeful that David will decide to be "diaper independent" during the next few months. He seems to be very excited about it and Brent and I are making every effort to keep this a positive experience: no lectures, no fussing when accidents happen and if a step back is necessary, it's ok. David, I think, knows he's in charge now and seems to be reveling in his autonomy.

Everett's newest videos - if we're "friends" on Facebook or You Tube, you've seen them - but they're stinkin' cute and I wanted to include them here as well. You're welcome.

We've taught Mary Louise and David a few prayers during our evening routine, and they love to recite (them). But recently, we thought it'd be fun to let THEM conduct our evening prayers rather than have us as prompters. Oh the nightly gems we hear:

Last night (Brent did prayers and reported back):
ML: I love my family. I love my toys... ... ... I love me. Amen.
David: God bless our family and friends. Thank you for our Angel Kuylen. Wake me with the sunshine bright. 4 corners to my bed. Keep my fears away. Amen.

A few nights ago:
Mary Louise's prayer before bed: God bless my family. Pweese keep them safe. God bless Mommom. Yet her exercise. Mommy and Daddy and Ev-it and David - yet dem exercise with me. Thank you for yetting me pyay. Amen. (she was so proud.)

David's prayer: Wake me with the sunshine bright and keep my fears away. AMEN (yelling with a HUGE grin)

In short, David recites little pieces of prayers we've taught him and add libs as he sees fit. Mary Louise starts from scratch and does her own thing.

And one final little story:
Mary Louise has said, many times, that she wants to be a doctor and frequently calls herself "Docca Meese". David, on the other hand, just wants her to stop sticking her flashlight in his mouth and shining it in his eyes.

Mary Louise has done the above for awhile now, but recently, has become pretty intent on giving all of us "exams" daily. She listens to our chests with her stethoscope and uses her flash light as a go to tool for focal points. She has also requested a "Docca Meese" coat - because, as she puts it, Uncle Collin is a "docca" and he has a coat, so she can't be a "real docca" without a special white "docca" coat...guess what sweet girl is getting for her birthday...

Momma makes it happen kiddo.

Love love love. 


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