Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Run-Down

1. I have photos from our first ultra-sound. They are bit blurry. I have yet to scan them...

2. Mary Louise was about to hit David today. I said, "MARY LOUISE!" and made "the face". It's taken me two and half years to perfect, but this morning, I apparently portrayed a little something extra. Miss Priss stopped in her tracks and stared very quietly for almost a minute!! (I am Mom. Hear me roar.)

3. I have begun the week in a rather muddled fashion. I got the speech schedule totally wrong (as in wrong days). Can I blame this on baby brain already?? (or should I continue to blame it on exhaustion?)

and finally: the real run-down...potential issues or areas of concern with this pregnancy (more a list for me, again, I have trouble keeping things straight upstairs lately):

1. Chronic hypertension: a non-concern at this moment. I went into this pregnancy with a well controlled b/p. My blood pressure is behaving beautifully and I check it obsessively twice daily and take a low dose of labetalol (50mg) twice daily to make sure it stays that way. I also take a baby asprin daily to help reduce the risk of clots and pre-eclampsia. I will get extra ultrasounds and monitoring throughout the third trimester to ensure the baby is growing appropriately and isn't in distress (chronic hypertension and pre-e can cause both of the afore-mentioned complications)

2. Pre-eclampsia: I've had preliminary labs done and they will continue throughout the first trimester. During the second, lab work will slow unless my b/p creeps up. During the third trimester, I'm sure I'll have some lovely 24 hour urine tests done...(if those are not started earlier).

3. possible incompetent cervix: so this is one I truly never expected. My primary OB was out of town at a conference when I was delivered with "the babies". Consequently, most of the information he knows about the actual delivery has come from me. I mentioned that I'd actually gone into pre-term labor just prior to delivery. We found out Kuylen was having reverse flow through his umbilical cord on Thursday. On Friday, I started bleeding. By Sunday evening, I was in an emergency section. I was checked after the bleeding started and found to be effacing. That's pretty much the only information I know - other than my fundal height was almost 55cm. during the week prior to delivery. (a physical measurement meant to represent the number of weeks of pregnancy - I was the equivalent of 55 weeks pregnant as far as size.)

I had numerous cervical measurements throughout the pregnancy and non were concerning - BUT the fact that I did go into pre-term labor - regardless of circumstances - is apparently cause for increased monitoring with THIS pregnancy. Accordingly, my cervix measurement was about 3 inches during the last (first) ultrasound. It was a fairly informal measurement - I asked the woman to do it out of curiosity and she went on about how the doctors wouldn't be worried about that now anyhow, blah blah blah. She muttered "a good 3 inches" so I was satisfied that all was forming well.

The plan: I will have another cervical measurement done during the next ultrasound at the end of the month. This will determine whether a cerclage is needed. If it is not, I will continue to have periodic measurements simply to ensure "all is well".

I have been given the go-ahead to continue with my walking - but have been advised to stop jogging (I was down to pretty much all walking anyhow). I will likely be asked to cut back on the walking later in the pregnancy as well but am hoping some type of exercise (yoga? stretching?) will be approved.

I have also begun to cut back on "the time at the mump" (David calls my pump "the mump"). Right now, I pump daily - in the morning. Down from 2 10 minute sessions daily. My supply is down to about 4 ounces per day and I will likely wind down with that over the next month. There would not really be an issue with me breastfeeding - as the older child usually weans during a pregnancy while the milk changes back into colostrum. The issue here is, the pump doesn't wean - and depending on time and uterine activity can cause uterine quivering and later on, softening of the cervix. In a "routine" pregnancy, this softening would most likely occur around 38 weeks when it wouldn't cause issue anyhow - but with THIS pregnancy, there are many many uncertainties...

Still hanging in there, but wanted to get all the info in black and white...

In other news, I am feeling very occasional thumps (and if it makes you feel better to think it's gas, fine - but I'll tell you that I felt very obvious movement with "the babies" before the first trimester was up as well - at any rate - it makes me very very happy.) The Sug was measuring at 2 days further than my calculations during the ultrasound and had a great heartbeat. It was amazing to watch the little guy (or gal) swim around a bit. The placenta implanted high and center (good and great) and my uterus has already "started to expand and fill" according to the doctor. (never thought I'd get so excited to be told I'm bloated - ha!). It's a little hard to believe how hard and how quickly I've fallen for this sweet bebe. With "the babies" I'm pretty sure I was in shock between being bogged down with clinical data and have small nervous breaks as we received difficult news over and over. This has been amazing - surreal - but absolutely amazing.

I've had a little nausea but not gotten sick. I've had some food aversions - mostly meat - so I'm being creative in eating a complete diet. (tonight was mega-veggie quiche- DELISH!!) I can focus less on weight gain (which was harped on a pushed for "the babies") and more on simple quality. (P.S. there is no data to support the notion that increased weight gain of the mother somehow increases the size of the baby (ies).) As long as Sug is growing, I'm happy - I'm so much more than happy - but the word happy is all I have right now...

Mary Louise and David seem to be maturing quickly - and speaking more clearly - everyday. I am so. proud. of them. We have been doing half of my miles, stopping at the park for 30 min to an hour, then finishing the miles. I can sit and watch them play at certain parks and they listen so well and stay where I can see them. We have lots of parks to choose from - so they get to choose everyday which we visit. They get so excited to see the park coming and relax a bit better on our rides knowing there is a big bonus in it for them.

Today, the father of the preemie boy born at the end of 23 weeks found us on our walk. I mentioned him when I talked about getting a glass table top a number of posts back. His son came home 2 months ago and is doing beautifully. I was so happy to hear the news. His little chunk is over 9 pounds now!!! It took Mary Louise and David almost a year to reach that!! The look of pride and love on this dad's face just made my day - absolute genuine and unconditional love - there is nothing like it.



  1. Im SO glad that your pregnancy is going well despite all of the things you are keeping in mind. I admire your positive attitude even though youre probably a bit nervous. Thats great news that the boy is home too!

  2. I just came across your blog and instantly wanted to start crying. Today I am 25 weeks and 2 days. At 23 weeks I found out I had an incompetent cervix and was hours from losing my little boy. I went to the doctors office and she discovered my cervix was open and dilated to 3 and my sac was bulging out. By the grace of god I was able to get a Cerclage(and a repeat cerclage) and he's still in there baking. Looking at your pictures and story gives me hope! I started a blog if you would like to read my story: http://mymiracleandmore.blogspot.com/
    Thank you for sharing yours!