Thursday, October 20, 2011

While "Dada" was away...

Brent went on a 3 day business trip this week. We were busy in his absence:

1. I "HUTH" (hung up the horns - can you believe there's an acronym for ending pumping?) I may talk more about this later...Mary Louise and David were also introduced to goat milk. It's a win.

2. Mary Louise and David opted out of their regular sleeping patterns and instead tried their hands at a "no sleep at all" pattern...Mary Louise after sleeping 4 hours one night (it occurs to me that I should have videoed myself after all of this, but that would be sad - rather than kind of funny...)

The above awesomeness continued until nap time that day.

This is what happens when David misses his nap these days...

And yes, that would be a Pringle hanging out of his mouth like a duck bill - I'm a sucker sometimes.

3. We cleaned. Alot. We washed about 10 loads of laundry including all of Mary Louise and David's winter clothing and their sheets. We folded, sorted, and switched out summer clothes, packing them all neatly (sort of) to be stored, we cleaned the entire downstairs - they helped dust and wipe down the kitchen - they also helped pick up toys, vacuum, and mop. Yep, they're fantastic...but sometimes, when Mommy takes out the trash, they remind me just how devious they can be...(little buggars)

It was pretty funny though - and made for a great bath time...but I'm pretty sure Desitin is impossible to remove so their precious skin is now forever protected.

4. It has been 4 years since my dad passed away. I don't have much to add other than it still hurts terribly and I expect it always will. I don't even have the energy right now to write a letter to him...maybe tomorrow. It's hard to believe how much he's missed...and how much I will continue to miss him as I attempt to manage and learn from such a void in my heart.

We are all so glad to have "Dada" home.


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  1. I am super impressed at how calm you were with the diaper cream! I'm sure bath time was soooo much fun! :-) LOL