Friday, October 28, 2011

We're so uncool

Mary Louise and David went for a 2.5 year check up today at their pediatrician's office. What? Never heard of a 2.5 year check up? Yeah - me neither...just another look-see to make sure I'm feeding the little buggars. They're doing well. Mary Louise: 25# 34 inches tall. She is in the 5% for her actual age for height and 10% for weight! David: 23# 34.5 inches tall - Mr. Slim. He still isn't on the charts for weight but continues to follow just below on his own curve. He is in between the 5th and 10% for height. The doctor was pleased with their progress in speech as they answered his questions (with one word responses or nods) and even allowed him to pick them up, do an exam on the table and put them down! I got a little advice on David's digestive issues - and voiced my concern that he has slow gastric motility (which is all fancy talk for the kid gets constipated no matter what I do). Meds and diet are our only options...that and keeping up hope that he will in fact one day out-grow it all. A daily dose of breast milk helps immensely - but as I'm not pumping or producing for the remainder of this pregnancy, I need something in the interim to help him along. Afterward, if needed, he can have a daily dose of the good stuff (don't make that face...yeah - I see you) just like he would take any other medication. Bonus: immune boost among other things. Win. Win.

We made it to the Halloween party at Mary Louise and David's private therapy facility. They spent a good portion of the time there in a bit of shock as children giggled and yelled and milled around "trick or treating" by knocking on classroom doors. It was fun - a little busy - but really nice of them to have all of us there and put out such a great effort.

And finally, Mary Louise has, as of this week, officially informed both Brent and I just how uncool we are - yeah - only took the kid 2 years to catch on right? The following are actual quoted conversations and life lessons courtesy of our darling Mary Louise. (I absolutely got permission to use the ones involving Brent - it took him a week to give me the go ahead.)

ML: Momma. Night Night?
Me: Daddy is going to night night with you this evening. Why don't you go choose a book?
ML: NOOOO!! Dada no night night!
Me: Mary Louise, it will be fine - you always love when Daddy reads to you and stays until you fall asleep.
ML: NOOOOO!! Dada no night night! (shaking her head AND her finger furiously with a very worried look on her face)
Me: Mary Louise. What is the problem? You ask for Daddy all day but don't want to night night with him?
Me: Well why not?
ML: Dada toot toot!
Me: bahahahahahahaha!
ML: No Dada night night toot toot! (still concerned)

So apparently Brent passed gas - in a particularly loud and long sort of way - while doing bath time. I've told him about these things - I've said that the lax behavior around here will catch up with all of us very soon. We are knocking on the door of total public embarrassment teaching our kids all these confounded words. No more secrets here folks - and that's for anyone who'll listen.

The next night Brent was to "night night with them" he was giving them a bath. He warned Mary Louise:
B: Mary Louise? Dada is going night night with you tonight. What book would you like to read?
ML: NOOO! Dada no night night!! (head shaking / finger wagging) Momma night night! (head nodding)- she's pretty animated
B: What? Why not?
ML: Dada too big! Too big Dada!

Yep - in the same week Mary Louise told Brent he stinks and is fat...

She was marginally kinder to me...

David playing music on one of his toys...I start dancing in the kitchen doorway so both kids can see. I'm grinning - and laying the silly on pretty thick. David smiles and laughs a little...Mary Louise is standing in the kitchen with a stone cold look on her face. I dance some more to David's tune and ask her if she wants to join. She continues to stare...then the kicker- her fatal blow is dealt: "no. no Momma." Very seriously said as if I were about to give her a kiss after walking her into her first day in high school.

I knew this moment would happen - we would fall from grace and glorious heroism and be our kid's source of utter humiliation eventually - but really, I thought we'd at least make it through preschool!


P.S. Bridie (my dear internet preemie mom friend who has coddled me and come to my mental rescue more than she knows) brought up some good points in her comment on the last post. So in answer: My regular OB would actually perform the cerclage. He has 35 years of OBGYN experience and has never had a complication or loss carrying out his technique (which is the Shirokar rather than the McDonald - a little more complicated and invasive but delivers a little higher success and hold rate - and the bottom line is, he is my doctor, this is his technique and what he is comfortable with). So, if the cerclage is to be done, I feel he is the person to perform the procedure. That said, I'm interested to hear the opinion of perinatology - because I feel I can never throw too many expert opinions in the hat. So, I'll see what happens Monday, and go from there...I'll get over this as soon as I know one way or another and should the cerclage be placed, I get through the few days following sans complication. Hanging in there- and keeping the suga all warm and snuggly as the temp drops outside.

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  1. awwww...that's me! I was asking because our OB's here don't do cerclages - it's always done by a perinatologist. Glad to hear your Dr has lots of experience with them! Good luck getting your answer. That first week after the cerclage with Sam I was a nervous wreck. Because it's done under local anesthesia, I think you get a sense of where they place it, so your mind is hyper alert to that area. I swore I felt pressure for a week, but maybe it was just my imagination.

    As far as being uncool, my normally lovey 2 1/2 yr old has tried to punch me in the face whenever I lean in for a kiss for about the last week. Like, literally, I get a little fist in the chin. And recently my 7 yr old ROLLED HIS EYES at me when I started to dance in my seat at a restaurant when a song came on that we always dance to on the Just Dance for Wii game. And not a being goofy roll of the eyes, it was like an involuntary gesture "you are soooo embarassing". (sigh)

    Thinking of you guys today!