Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ultrasound #2

Brent and I made our way back to the doctor (OBGYN) yesterday to have a second ultra-sound, discuss the possibility of a cerclage placement and have a cervical measurement done. The short story is: my doctor feels the cerclage SHOULD be done, my cervix is currently 4cm and doing well - looking great which would provide optimal conditions for the placement of a cerclage, and our sweet little butter bean suga is doing really REALLY well. He (just a formal term - just as we did with our triplets, we are not finding out the gender of this baby either) has grown to about 2 inches in length. For comparison, 1 month ago, he was about 1/2 inch in length. We got to see his little legs kick, make out a tiny foot wiggling around, and seemed to get an approving head nod at one point - ha! His heart rate was 168 (very good!).

For a second opinion on the cerclage and some reassurance, I am scheduled to see the perinatology group this Monday. Afterward, I will discuss the results of THAT ultrasound and exam with my regular doctor and a final decision will be made on the cerclage.

So I'm nervous...and after all of the discussing and milling with doctors we did over even the possibility and/ or safety of having another baby, I'm still wondering how this was missed...realizing, of course, that this would really cover all bases...and that if I do really have a weak cervix, finding out later and having to do an emergent cerclage - if it was even possible - would drastically reduce success in the stitch. Beyond the risk of the actual procedure (breaking the amniotic fluid sack, infection - low risk), it would eventually provide a little security - another issue safe guarded as best it can be.

So, Monday, we'll find out more.

Moving on...

I caught Mary Louise "mothering" today - it was so cute...(she's feeding her baby green bell peppers)

Mary Louise and David have been doing so much together lately - really working together. I LOVE it (even when their powers are used for mischief). They frequently give one another hugs and kisses, have been known to hold hands while walking up the stairs or while playing, and team up to accomplish whatever they set their minds to do.

Today, David spent his full hour with his home speech therapist by himself! A first for him as Mary Louise and I typically stay with him during the sessions. He was happy, and the therapist told me he said at least 10 three word spontaneous utterances as well as his typical repeating and parroting whatever you ask. We are still keeping an eye on his shortened frenulum as well as his use of facial muscles (or lack there of)...but right now, he is doing really really well and making great progress.

And that is that. Mary Louise and David have a Halloween party to go to tomorrow!!! YAY!!



  1. Love the kiddos loving the baby doll!!! Very sweet post!! I am praying for a healthy pregnancy and baby!!!

  2. Good luck with the decisions! So is it cm and not inches for cervix length then?

    I am feeling for you - unfortunately (due to the circumstance) but fortunately (for my decision making ability or lack thereof to have a need to) the decision was made for me with Gavin, and then with Sam we knew for sure it was the issue. Who would do the surgery? Do they have tons of experience doing them? Maybe that would help the fears on the risk of surgery side. Can they give you actual stats of THEIR history of preventive cerclage and how many times something has gone wrong?

  3. Mary Louise looks like she is sitting in a nest. Momma bird feeding her baby!!!! Too cute.