Sunday, October 23, 2011

Great time (again) on the weekend!

After a busy week - mostly apart - Brent and I got up with the kiddos early on Saturday and decided on an impromptu visit to the zoo. On our way, Nanny Zoo gave us a call and said she would meet us there. It was a wonderful day - even though Mary Louise suddenly decided that she was afraid of quite literally all of the animals there...except the reptiles??? She giggled at the snakes and consistently LOVES turtles and tortoises.

Riding the Safari Train - Mary Louise's face just cracks me up...

It was great to get away for the day - and even better that we ended up with an extra set of all too eager hands thanks to Nanny Zoo. We heard, "Bye Bye Zoo" and "Where Nah-nay??" All the way home.

David had his first real haircut on Friday. Don't get too excited - it's barely noticeable (did you notice in the above zoo pics?? hmm?) It was getting a bit frazzled at the ends from many a night of noogie-ing and he has an unfortunately sensitive scalp that makes combing a bit of a job. Anyhow, it's neater and his ends are healthy. Most importantly though: he was FANTASTICALLY behaved. Not one tear! In fact, I'm not sure he even noticed that much. He sat on my lap the whole time and Pilar (my hair stylist) was so quick and fun, he just grinned and giggled. He even sat around for about 30 minutes afterward so that I could get my ends trimmed too! The other people there said things like, "is he always so easy going?" and "if babies really acted like that, I could have 10!" ha! He really was so well behaved!
Before - a bit scraggly - but soooo cute!

After - cleaned up but still super cool! (what can I say, I adore those goldie-locks!)

Last weekend (I know, I'm way behind) we met friends at the nearby Pumpkin Patch. It was Mary Louise and David's first visit ever to such a display. They were excited! They've been seeing the pumpkins at the grocery, working on learning colors, doing fall projects during speech sessions and on and on - when we told them we were to visit a big pumpkin patch, they were beside themselves excited. "Puh-kings!!!!" they yelled all the way there:
Daddy is sooo silly:

Wagon ride with BFF Ally:

I love this picture:

And this one:

The album (Desi-gate photos at end):

The Pumpkin Patch 2011

And finally, with the end of warm weather nearing, Mary Louise and David (and I) have frequented the parks more than ever. We will still go in the cold (provided it's not just ridiculous of course) but scenes like this will be tucked away as memories until next year...

At the park during Mommom's recent visit (I totally need to stop photo hoarding...)

David's tough guy shot:

Here's hoping you had a wonderful weekend too!! Happy 11 weeks to our sweet Suga!!!!

(so excited!!!)

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  1. Look at those sweet faces! They are so cute. We finally just chopped Sam's hair too - but CHOPPED it. He said that he wanted a mohawk, so we obliged. It was hard to see those baby locks go!