Friday, September 30, 2011

LeBlanc house happenings of the week...

Mary Louise has recently developed quite the maternal instinct...and today, when David was asked, "where's the baby?" by his speech therapist who was holding a picture of a baby, David turned and pointed to my belly! I do believe they are catching on...

We really enjoyed Uncle "Ky-gool"'s visit over the weekend - he came up with an amp-ed up version of one of Mere and Pop's go-to entertain the baby moves...

**A sidenote - I realize that pushing 3 years old means Mary Louise and David aren't technically babies anymore...however, it is more than likely that I'll be calling them "the babies" and the actual baby will develop a host of other nick-names. It's ok to buck the system on occasion...or keeps things a bit more interesting eh? Besides, they'll always be *my babies anyhow! (and we still call my 2 youngest brothers "the little boys" even though, at over 6 feet tall - and in their early and mid-twenties, they are in no way little nor are they boys - just one of those things that stuck)**

And then there's Mary Louise's new dance: she began to do this earlier in the week when her therapists came to get her for their session. David simply runs to the back giggling - but Mary Louise did a little jig similar to the one below sans sound effects. It was a little surprising, and a whole lot of hilarious! (I'm glad she they enjoy therapy so much! ha - gives me something to threaten them with: Me: "Mary Louise! If you don't stop hitting David, you're not going to therapy!" ML: "Ok" ; Me: "David! You need to sit down in your high chair and eat if you want to go to therapy!" David: "Ok" - see? I don't know how long I'll get to ride that roller coaster for, but it sure works like a charm at present! (Notice David the budding football player)

We have done quite a bit of gardening around the patio in an effort to both freshen things up a bit and get into the fall spirit of things. "The babies" are a HUGE help and LOVE to garden and play in the dirt!

More later - David has had 2 sessions with the at home therapist and, in short, I think we'll keep her! Also, we had our first ultra sound yesterday!!! The baby is very healthy and has a great heartbeat - and I am doing well so far too! Many many MANY thanks for the thoughts and prayers throughout this pregnancy. We have a long road to go, but are celebrating each small milestone as they come: last weekend I past the 7  week mark which means the little Suga went from an embryo to a fetus! Yay!



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