Friday, September 9, 2011

Sickness over, speech has begun!

We ALL ended up battling that nasty cold virus! It lasted a full 10 days and I even brought David in to the pedi to ensure it wasn't spreading to his chest or ears. All was well - just remnant mucous taking it's time to evacuate. Overall, Mary Louise and David did very well with it. This was by far the worst sickness we've had here since our NICU days and I must say that I am very cautiously optimistic at this time that with a little sense, a little caution, and a little getting out and about, these kids will eventually have a decent immune system...only time will tell (of course).

We made the best of our time here and through the sniffles, coughs and sneezes, we really cooked up a storm! Pancakes, chicken noodle soup, chicken fricassee, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies, meatballs, eggplant parm, French onion soup and so much more- all from scratch, low sodium, whole ingredients. We've been on a cooking kick to say the least!

We've also been spending tons of time outside with the cooling of the weather and sunny sunny days (oh - except for the brief interruption courtesy of TS Lee of course).
(they love each other)

Pajama play time is the best!!

giving lovies:

In short, the sniffles and the funk didn't get us down too much - we had fun at home anyhow!

After some discussion, Brent and I decided it would be best to explore our options with private speech therapy for Mary Louise and David. David has been approved for services with Early Steps (the state program) as well, but with such a delay, we felt it best to be a little more aggressive and utilize any possible help we may have at hand.

Enter: Hope therapy...

We are so so SO very glad we started Mary Louise and David at this private facility. They have had 3 sessions so far and we are not only noticing differences in their communication, but also, their independence. Today, BOTH of them took their therapist's hand and walked to "the back" BY THEMSELVES!!! on the third day!!! The past 2 days, I have gone back with them and watched the evaluations and beginnings of therapy. I spoke with their ST's yesterday, and we agreed to try it without me today - boy did it work!! David was actually the dominant one in the room! (I'd discussed with them concern that keeping Mary Louise and David in the same room long term may eventually be an issue - as one (usually Mary Louise) dominates verbalization and attention).

We had an afternoon appointment and Brent was able to tag along to see the facility so that was nice. I was so proud to walk into the room and see my little guys hard at play with their therapists furiously writing all of the new sounds and words they were trying! The staff there has been extremely positive about Mary Louise and David's status and progress (already!! in 3 days!!) and feel very hopeful that they will be able to  reach their chronological age goals with practice, diligence and a little time.

In other news, I have been terrible at uploading photos - accordingly, I will attach an album of happenings over the past month or 2 (so so sorry!)- included are: Sean's graduation, our last visit to Ma mere and Pops' house, and random happenings around here... a few favorites:
Mary Louise with her Pops:

David at a wildlife swamp reserve in Baton Rouge - I highly recommend stopping!!

You know darn good and well these are some of the cutest pig tails you've ever seen...

and the album:

Sean's graduation and at home - Summer 2011




  1. Mary Louise is a mini-Y.O.U! I love it! They are both so adorable. So glad the speech therapy is helping!

  2. OHMYGOSH those pigtails are ADORABLE! :)- McCall

  3. Yea for speech therapy!!! :-) (Can you tell I'm an SLP?? lol!). PS--Super cute piggies!

  4. I found your blog through another blog. I went back and started at the beginning with my reading. I've been on that NICU coaster before. My son was born much later in the pregnancy at 32 weeks weighing in at a hefty 3lbs. 6oz. I will be praying for you during this pregnancy.