Monday, August 29, 2011

Comedic timing

Since David was just a wee babe of about 14 ounces (ha.), I've said that he has uncanny comedic timing. In light of recent (blog) postings, I thought it appropriate to mention some of his latest hard-e-har moments...

While the speech therapist was asking me about David's eating habits, the topic of "non-food" items came up...
Speech therapist: Does David eat non-food items regularly?
Me: "No." (thinking: you know, we really have been lucky - these babies have done every extreme stereotypical toddler and baby "no-no" I can think of but have NEVER EVER been very bad about mouthing or eating anything inappropriate.
ST: (with a serious face) "So David doesn't mouth things that aren't considered edible and you don't find him chewing on odd things at times?"
(coughing behind me)
Me: "No, both he and Mary Louise are very good about not putting things in their mouths..." (I began to stammer, thinking they were trying to get at something...)
Me: "I mean, they go through phases, but nothing I'd be...DAVID!"
I looked up to see that David (standing behind me) had shoved an entire Kleenex in his mouth. The whole shabang. He was choking. I yanked it out and tried to shrug it off...well I thought it was a little funny - he couldn't have timed it any better!
ST: "Does this happen often?"
Me: "No."
ST and Intake Coordinator: (audible scribbling on paper)
Me: (sigh)

This morning my little guy was playing with one of his favorite toys. He LOVES anything with buttons that make noise. I call them cause and effect toys - he presses, the toy responds, he presses again and so on. Mary Louise walked up to him and tried (in vain) to take the toy. David protested (every once in awhile he just has enough). They fussed for a bit. I looked beyond my pump, asked them to quit and said they should give each other "lovies" (hugs). Their responses?

ML: "No! No! No!" (shaking her head - she has recently picked up on the word "no" much to my chagrin)
D: (puts his fingers in his ears, shakes his head in a "no" fashion, grins, slaps Mary Louise in the face, giggles, puts himself in "time out"  and proceeds to laugh quietly as he still has and is looking down at the dang toy they fussed over).

That, my friends, is quintessential David.

The day went really well today. I feel like a weight was lifted after blogging - and was really surprised by the support, positive insight and personal experience stories I've received by phone, email, and Facebook. I am so so thankful for such an out pouring of honesty and advice.

Mary Louise and David really got along well for the rest of the day! I ran/walked 3.6 miles, then did a 10 mile bike ride to really clear my head. The weather was gorgeous and the babies were so happy just to be out in the sun for a bit. It truly did us all good.

We've rescheduled Mary Louise and David's orthopedist appointment for a couple of weeks from now. New Orleans is having a major brush fire and has put out a health advisory warning anyone with lung issues, asthma, allergies, etc. to stay out of the city as there are harmful particles in the air that can irritate airways. Things should settle with some rain - but we'd rather be safe than sorry in this house!


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