Monday, August 22, 2011

Busy BUSY babies!!

Though we are still in the midst of evaluations, Mary Louise and David are still very hard at work learning new words and phrases almost daily...

They are also finding new and exciting things to do with their "old" using them for step stools in an effort to explore things like knife drawers, stoves, and whatever happens to be on the counter at the time...(and if you can't tell what happened here - Mary Louise decided to "assist" with the taping of this video)...

**Yes, we deal with quite a bit of good old sibling discord here lately - but honestly, it's not too bad - videos can be a little deceiving (I mean, sometimes, I do clothe the kids!)- after this one, they held hands with each other and me while we giggled over 3 rounds of Ring Around the Rosey. The "time out" usually works a bit better too - they still laugh over it, but it diverts their attention, gives them a breath and seems to clear the air so a new game can be made - and really, I like that they giggle - in my opinion, crying doesn't need to happen to get a point across!**

And now for the last quick video: if you see our sweet babies aimlessly wondering the streets, please don't think we are bad parents who regularly leave our children unattended. These kiddos can break free in about 2.5 seconds flat. They climb, they run, and now they unlock dead bolts...good thing they still can't get along long enough to be overly productive! If they could, and were left to their own devices, I'm pretty sure they could would be off and driving before Brent and I could even get our shoes on! (and that would be a jug of protein powder they dug out of the pantry that they decided would make a perfect step stool for this particular mission)


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  1. Woooooah! Each video is more intense than the last!