Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Until I had triplets at 24 weeks and 5 days...until I had physical therapists abound...until I had charts, graphs and plots all thrust at me repeatedly and each and every move Mary Louise and David make analyzed by their "teams" of doctors, therapists, case workers, chart reviewers, insurance companies, and consequently, an UBER frazzled momma!...I had no clue - none whatsoever - what a big deal jumping is...and I can now proudly say, "we can cross that off your to do list sweet baby Mary Louise!!" David is patiently working on it - and I'm pretty sure he'll get it sometime soon...

We have an appointment with the Early Steps program here in a few days to re-admit Mary Louise and David and have them both "officially" evaluated for speech therapy. We'll start there, then explore additional private therapy options should it be necessary for either of them (I have my eye on sweet David - BUT Mary Louise has learned likely 20+ words just this week (mostly pointing when prompted - not actually speaking though she can parrot many of the sounds) and just today, David began to have periods of MUCH MUCH more verbal communication - though he continues his fits relatively regularly). I really feel that I need to exercise (a bit more) patience, and find what interests David in particular and what will hold his attention. Mary Louise LOVES LOVES LOVES books. David, not so much - but he loves his computer-ish toys. I've borrowed and bought a number of them and he'll sit there and play with the ABC and color keys for ages - if I try to sit and do the same thing with a book? I might get to letter B before he's off and running. Again, baby boy, please be patient with your old Momma. I'm doing my best...

Happy Wednesday!! It's World Breastfeeding week!! I'll be dusting off the old soap box for (probably) the next post. I try to avoid the defensive backlash by not discussing it too much - I swear - breastfeeding talk these days might as well be grouped in with religion and politics...BUT I'll offer up a few words in honor of the occasion.

There, I've given warning BEFORE I even start the post. So, ignore the upcoming if it's not your cup-o-tea.


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