Sunday, July 31, 2011

David's special Day

We had a rather tough day inside as there was torrential downpour out. After braving the weather this morning for soy milk (I wish I was kidding), we retreated to the kitchen to make ooey gooey eggplant parmesan with the remaining motley crew of eggplant we harvested from our little veggie garden.

Mary Louise and David were less than pleased with the timing of my cooking efforts.

So, David's special day was a little rough. But nonetheless, I snuggled with him, and just loved loved loved the fact that 2 years later, he is a happy, healthy, SWEET baby boy.

Can you even believe this is David a few days before he got to come home (on his 99th day in the NICU!)??

On his homecoming day. It would have been Dad's 59th birthday...

Happy baby...HAPPY Momma...

Our family at home for the first time!!!

Our life for 27 months and counting...

We are so so SO lucky...

David is feeling much much better since his horrid hives and we have treated the yard and house for biting critters as well as retreated the pets with Advantage. So, the biting and hatching from the rain post drought should be down to a minimum now.

Nap time has been bucked again all week making for some very interesting (read as trying, loud, whiny, tantrum filled) afternoons. I am doing my best to hang in there, but in truth, it's weighing on me as well as their nap time was my only down time during the day. In short, I'm missing those snoozes! Honestly, I've never known another human being (excepting Uncle Damon...which brings about a genetic discussion in my head) to need as little sleep as these guys do. So please pardon my repetition, that glazed look in my eyes, the haggard appearance, and my audible sighs. I'm just tired. (Now, show me a momma who isn't!)

Despite the daily showers outside, we've made the best of things inside. Playdoh time has become a favorite. I get all my mixing bowls out and the babies "cook", smash, stir, and tear until their little precious hearts are content. They are very very well-behaved with their concoctions and have only been caught vigorously stomping things into the throw rugs once or twice.

A couple of cute play time videos to follow. The second is David in Brent's shirt while I was folding laundry. Props to these sweet babies. They are interested in all things Momma does - and I have fun working with their fascinations. They help me fold clothes, make beds, garden and you've already seen their enthusiasm for mopping and vacuuming floors! Yep, I might not be able to sit back and eat bon bons just yet - but that day is coming!! (ha)

Hoping everyone has had a great weekend. We've LOVED having Nannie Pan and Uncle Mike over here. The boys have been fishing and Amanda has helped IMMENSELY with Mary Louise and David. From the splash park to loads of outside time, we've been enjoying our little break from the rain as well.



  1. Happy Special Day! I hope they get to sleeping again soon. My 2 1/2 yr old has gone through some weird napping phases - he was on a similar no/short nap phase. Now, he won't lay down til 3, sleeps til 5:30, but then won't go to bed until 10:30! But, at least I get the down time on the weekends to get stuff done around the house. Hope they start sleeping for you soon (so you have the energy to run!) :)

  2. It's great to see how far they both have come...and I'm really amazed at how they look like themselves even when they were so tiny! My son Samuel (also a 24 weeker) didn't really begin to look like himself until he was home for 3 or 4 months. Before then, he was just this toaster-head baby! Hope your babies nap soon...we could also use some more nap time at our house!