Monday, July 11, 2011


Below is a link for our friends and family which Mrs. Cindy will do her best to maintain with short updates about Mr. Charles' condition...

Our dear sweet Pops has a lung tumor to be removed on Tuesday (tomorrow) in the morning.

We stopped by their house on our way back from Florida. Mere and Pops both seem to be doing well with such stressing news. This absolutely beautiful couple will, no doubt continue to be a stunning example of support and love for one another. They are such amazing compliments to each other - and fabulous grandparents...

We will be anxiously awaiting news tomorrow of a successful lumpectomy and praying with all of our might for guidance, patience, and careful precision for the surgical team as well as peace and strength for Mere and especially Pops.

Mary Louise and David can't wait for you to feel better and are honing in their water gun squirting skills for a future face-off!!

We are thinking of you - Much love...


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