Saturday, July 23, 2011

Merry Maids

So, I've never been accused of being a GREAT housekeeper. I try (many times in vain) to keep my head above water (and dust and dirt)...but apparently, I do clean enough to make it look like fun! Not only do Mary Louise and David love to push a broom and duster around, but they have also been known to request wipes to clean messes off of tables and the floor. They love to hold squirt bottles and pretend to clean things with them by making, "tsst tsst" sounds.

This would be David using a Swifter and Mary Louise "vacuuming" by shoving the hose around and making the vacuum sound... Ha!

Upon occasion, they have even been known to share very nicely to boot!


P.S. Just today, Mary Louise has verbally requested to have her "shoes" put on, and patted her bottom saying, "poo poo, blegh!" (and she was being totally honest and letting me know her diaper was dirty!). If only I could get her to tell me the poop is coming rather than telling me it's already here! Again, baby steps...

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  1. Please send the "Merry Maids" to MaMere and Pop's house. We love their work ethic.