Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Things I love

When going to sleep at night, Mary Louise loves to sleep snuggled in with her head on my chest. David loves to hold my feeling, ever.

Pajamas + fountain= good clean fun.

This face:

This face:

Running down hills and walking barefoot in the grass...

Superman swimmies and Mardi Gras beads...

That these kiddos hang in there with me even when I'm tired and flustered because we went outside to play and they ran full speed in 2 different directions (laughing hysterically because I couldn't do the same!)...

and I LOVE the fact that when Mary Louise and David are distraught, tired and grumpy, a good old tooth brushing while walking hand in hand turns their frowns upside down every time...

We had a good family reunion / vacation time - way too busy - but very very fun. Pops is doing very well post operatively, and was even sitting up with his feet dangling today when Brent stopped by to see him. Mere is also hanging in there and Brent reports she is eating well and though very tired, she seems calm and in good spirits - especially seeing her main man in such good shape after such a major surgery. She continues to update her blog often.

Mary Louise gave us quite a scare with a fever on Sunday night. Though it wasn't very very high (102.2 temporal), it bounced back and forth and never really broke. She appeared flushed in the face and just couldn't get comfortable when trying to rest during the night. I brought her to the Urgent Care clinic (we are camped out with Mommom for a few days with her not feeling well, Brent is working this area and Pops is a convenient one hour drive from here). After a couple of hours, the doctor advised that I take her to the ER as he couldn't find a source for her fever and suspected a urinary tract infection for which they didn't stock proper diagnostic equipment. 3 hours in the ER later, (which all things considered wasn't too bad - we were in our own room for 2 of them), her urinalysis was negative, but on a whim the doctor requested a chest xray and found sweet Mary Louise had the beginnings of bronchitis - no cough, no stridor or adventitious breath sounds of any kind - just a cloudiness in her bronchioles on xray. So, we got to go home on antibiotics. I called for round 2 from the pedi the next day when David woke with a temperature as well. Currently, Mary Louise and David seem to be on the mend - playing like mad, running, jumping, and doing Zumba with Mommom.

Many thanks for the continued thoughts and prayers for our dear Pops (and Mere) as he recovers and pathology reports are posted.


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