Sunday, September 18, 2011

Excellent Ortho!

We spent a few days in NOLA last week for Brent's work and so that Mary Louise and David could visit their new orthopedist. Our concerns centered around their toe walking and the growth of their joints - specifically, their knees.

As it turns out, they are doing just fine. Mary Louise's knees are quite bowed, but it's not of concern at this time and her joints are still within normal positioning for a 2.5 year old toddler. She does toe walk some, but her reflexes and flexibility are fine so as she grows and gains weight, it is expected that she'll drops her heels more and more.

David's knees are not of concern (also normal for his age) and his very frequent toe walking is also expected to resolve in time. Because he started walking on his toes so early, the doctor was concerned about the possibility of mild cerebral palsy (secondary to his medical history). Thank Heaven I didn't wildly google "toe-walking" and find that tid bit! His reflexes were thoroughly checked and ligaments were stiff but appropriately flexible. I will continue stretching him manually at least daily. With time, it is also expected that he'll drop to his heels as it will help with balance in jumping and running.

We are to return in one year.

The orthopedist was incredible. He got giggles and grins out of BOTH Mary Louise and David and explained each issue during the exam. He also taught us how to tell if our areas of concern were worsening which was and is a huge relief for me. So, no more waiting "to see" if a problem develops only to have to treat it -we are on the prevention side!! YAY!!

We so enjoyed our visit to the homeland -

As I mentioned, we were there a number of days, so I was able to walk the river and downtown, we got to see Uncle Sean's new happnin' abode - and feed him a few times, we also had an afternoon visit from Mere and Pops, viewed the aquarium, stopped at Mimi's, and met up with Uncle Kyle and Sean for lunch at the park by the lake before heading back to the Chuck! (busy busy)

New Orleans is just an amazing city - taking in the smells, the sounds, the people...the thought makes me smile -

Before 9am, it's cologne and perfume with a hint of stale beer and maybe some puke (look, lets just be honest - everyone *tries to pass a good time, but a few sail right through it and into the gris gris of the night...), a hustle of heels and loafers of shop owners opening up for the day, chicory coffee, Bloody Marys, beignets...

Noon time - friers are going, bread is baked, lunch is cooking. There's a cafe, bar and grill or full on upscale restaurant on every corner - and a few in the middle! Garlic, onions, fresh peppers, roux, seafood and BBQ - the competing smells are intoxicating as they marry just outside the open eatery doors over the freshly washed sidewalks.

Walk by the water - the crisp humidity floats around you and blows your hair into a heap of hot mess - but no one cares - rarely will you pass a person, make eye contact, and not see a huge genuine grin in return.

I was very careful to watch what I ate - so difficult in the land of THE BEST FOOD! - but mostly vegetarian and very low sodium is where it's at for me and the Suga! My blood pressure has stayed around a beautiful 100/69 to 107/ 76 and other than some notable fatigue, I'm feeling great. I've backed off on the intensity of my running / biking - but am maintaining a good exercise schedule with moderate mileage (weather permitting). I am also taking tons of vitamins and am on a low dose Asprin schedule. In short, this pregnancy is being monitored very closely and though we (including my doctor) are all very hopeful and feel many of my more critical issues were secondary to 2 poorly implanted placentas, and a higher order multiples pregnancy, there is still a significant risk of my developing pre-eclampsia again...having said that, we are employing all known techniques in prevention - and praying...alot.

I am 6 weeks along today - and enjoying every second. David should start his state (at home) speech therapy this week. Otherwise, the specialist visits are pretty much done until dentist checks and eye exams in January!

Oh - and for those who like to stay "in the know" about my pumping, I have checked with both a lactation consultant and my doctor about continuing. My supply has already dropped significantly, and will likely decrease further with time, but I have been "ok'd" to continue and will officially make it to 30 months on the 19th! I'm taking it one day at a time (as if there is any other way) but, right now, this is what is right for all of us - giving Mary Louise and David a tiny extra immune boost through their third winter is a gift I feel wonderful about being able to give them.



  1. Good news from the orthopedist. And congrats on the pumping. That is simply amazing. I am not sure how you have done it all of this time, but great job!

  2. I agree with the above comment...amazing job on the pumping. I have no clue how you did it! Glad you got some good news for the kids...have you been seeing the orthopedist from the beginning? It makes me wonder if we should have been seeing one all this time...