Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Word explosion!!

Mary Louise has been making great progress with speech!! Some words are much clearer than others, but I don't think I'm the only one who can understand her...

This one is not espcially clear - but I think it will hold a special place in the heart of a particular grandfather we know and love...

and this one - well, see for yourself!!...

We've been working very hard with both of them and the progress is truly amazing. We've had a bit of a rough time today as the weather has been very dreary and Mary Louise and David had their Synagis injections. David has been a little off his feed during the past 2 days as well so he's particularly grumpy. Their teething seems to have slowed - Mary Louise got her last 2 molars in over the past week and a half or so and tolerated it very well.

Their current weights are Mary Louise: 20 pounds!!!!!! 5.5 ounces!!!!!!! We have finally broken the 20 pound weight point with her!! David was 18 pounds 12.5 ounces. As I said, he has struggled over the past few days in particular with eating - but considering the fact that they've both conquered their first colds and ear infections, I'll say we'll just work harder over this month to make up a bit...we'll see - they are definitely in control of this one!


Oh - a little P.S. To the mother who commented about 6 month checkup eye exams for her sweet baby - Mary Louise and David have had full eye exams every 6 months since their surgeries. Their history with ROP is the reason they are checked so frequently. I'm not sure of your little one's history - but it would dictate your little one's eye exam schedule (if one is even needed at all). Feel free to email me with any questions about our cases! heatherbowe@gmail.com


  1. That's so awesome! I'm still waiting on "Smee" but I absolutely love the cat video! lol

  2. Amazingly Fantastic! ha! They say diaper so well too. I guess they hear that word often all day long!xxxooo

  3. Pop loves that she can say "Pop."