Friday, January 7, 2011

Gearing up!!

We're finally feeling better at Casa LeBlanc. The snot river has slowed to an occasional drip - though it's not stopping Mary Louise from trying out her new "talent" on any piece of clothing or fabric crossing her path. Seriously, that kid joyously blows her nose on just about anything! Consequently, I've had a few extra loads of laundry this week!

The mucous mob exit couldn't have come at a better time - it's RACE day tomorrow!!! Uncle Kyle and I are splitting a half marathon as sort of a warm up to do the full half marathon in a month. So, we'll see how we do!

David has cut some bottom molars this week - Mary Louise is working on her still. David is also working on his shortened frenulum again. He giggles and tries to stick his tongue out pretty regularly now - it's pretty neat to watch him work so hard - and have fun doing it.

I'll have more stories after tomorrow - and leave you with some Christmas photos!!!

From Ma Mere and Pop's cameras...
Christmas 2010

Christmas 2010 II


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