Friday, January 21, 2011

Dry night!!

Mary Louise and David (and Mommy) woke up in a DRY bed this morning!!!! Yeah!! We tried the Target diapers - as we have access to a Target here so it was the easiest option for us...that, and a small package of that brand is $6 - so not much investment there. They are a bit bulkier than our usual Pampers - chosen because they fit the legs of our sweet little babes. They also make me giggle because when the babies walk / waddle, it sound like they are crumpling paper. Having said that, they worked beautifully last night! I thought the legs might be a problem as they definitely aren't as tight as the Pampers. I'm not sure how they'll do with a poop diaper, but Mary Louise and David rarely do that at night anymore. So this seems like a viable option for us.

There are some flushable inserts made for hybrid diapers that I may try - but they must be until then, these will do - it seems...

Yay for no more rushed and extra washes of bed clothes!!!! I think we'll keep our morning bath time though. Right now, it warms up the babies and gets them in a good mood to start our day. They are also learning to float in the tub - so most of morning bath time is actually water play time.

On Wednesday, David completely balked at nap time, so I let Mary Louise rest and opted to take a bath (myself). I lay back in the tub to wet my hair and when I sat up, David was standing there, having taken his diaper off, with his leg on the edge of the tub, wanting to get in! Ha! It was his second bath of the day...and he was to have a third before bedtime. But we had a nice time all the same! He kick kick kicked his little legs and splashed with his hands and floated while I held his head. He was so very proud - and I was happy to get a minute of individual time with him.

He has become extremely attached to his froggies as of late. We've never been able to leave home without them (for the weekend, etc.)but, lately, we can't leave upstairs without them. He has one in eyesight or in hand the vast majority of the day -and MUST hold one all night. (If you don't recall what his froggies are, they are NICU positioning aides - essentially bean bags with 2 arms that can be wrapped around the tiny patient). Anyhow, I'm not bothered by his attachment - just observing. During the day, it is more of an inconvenience if we don't have a froggie within night, it's definitely a necessity if anyone wants sleep!

That's the news for now. This round of Synagis shots went very well - no fever, minimal soreness, a fussy night - but that's a vast improvement to previous months. We're approved for 2 more months and then we're on our own...both exciting and scary!


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