Monday, January 17, 2011

Precious Moments

While at Mommom's house, Mary Louise's speech really took off. To date, she's said (more than once and very clearly) Chester, diaper, cat, hot, out, ouch, baba, mama, dada, and she can point to her eyes, nose, mouth, hair, belly, toes, and wave "bye bye" while saying bye bye. Way to go baby girl!!

David repeats sounds and occasional words, can follow all commands above, they both bring me diapers, wipes, throw things away, bring objects to other people (family members by name). David can say hot, out, ouch, cat, Chester, bye bye, baba, dada, and mama on command.

While visiting, Mommom made me a surprise salon appointment complete with hair cut, conditioning treatment and a manicure!! She watched Mary Louise and David while I was shamelessly pampered for 3 hours!! I got to the house, looked around, and asked Kyle if everyone was ok. It seriously looked as if the place had been robbed and ransacked...and it was eerily quiet. Kyle said, "everything's fine - Mom just let the babies play...ha." Mom came out of the bedroom where we'd been sleeping. She smiled, said, "they're both sleeping and I'm going to Zumba!" I picked up the mess and had a glass of wine.

This morning, we woke up at home. Though we miss Mommom terribly, I was antsy to get back into our routine. Morning bath time was wonderful - the babies played and played in the tub...

***an aside: We've resorted to a rather regular morning bath time in addition to our bedtime bath time out of necessity. The babies have out grown their diapers in (uhem) volume, but not size...their hineys are tiny! They regularly have leaks during the night and I don't want to wake them completely for a diaper change. They are very restless sleepers, but usually don't wake fully - just stir loudly...multiple times throughout the night. Anyhow, if anyone has a fix for this, please let me know - I haven't found overnight diapers under a size 4 - Mary Louise and David just made it into a size 2 diaper...***

When they got out of the tub, I massaged and dressed them. Then gave thanks that I can, in fact, stay home with them making moments like "morning bath time" possible in the first place - nevermind a wonderful, relaxed playtime for them. I prepared to pump. Mary Louise and David played in their playroom and found their scoot toys. Mary Louise has been scooting forward for awhile now, David zooms backward went FORWARD!!!! Yeah!! Go little guy go! He was so very very proud. It took an obvious effort for him to coordinate his legs but he did it!! What a moment for him!! I am so very proud!

Sweet babies and I went for a 5 and a half mile run this afternoon. Mary Louise sang almost the whole way. David napped a bit as he'd bucked morning nap time and was in a FOUL mood. It was overcast, so I was able to pull back the shades for a little while and peer down on was so simple and so amazing- we were all smiles.



  1. Such lovely sweet lovies! xxxooo <3

  2. We use Target Up and Up diapers. There's not an "overnight" diaper in this brand, but I find they hold A LOT more than any other diaper we've tried. Cohen was leaking through a lot at night in Huggies, and since we switched, it's very rare that he leaks. Target diapers are by far my favorite, AND, they're cheaper. Maybe worth a try?

  3. sells a size 3 overnight diaper by huggies. I had a preemie (not a micro preemie though) and she was little too. I used to take an overnight diaper and line it w/ the regular diaper. I would cut the sides off the regular diaper so just the padding was left and lay it inside the overnight diaper. She was a bit bulky but it kept her very dry at night and she wouldn't wake up soaking wet or covered in poo!! Hope this helps! Your babies are adorable!

  4. I also used the size 3 huggie overnights, try or amazon (be sure to get amazon mom 2 day shipping!)

  5. Ditto the Target diapers comment. A friend told me about target diapers because my little one was leaking all the time. The are all I use now, day and night. I've also tried huggies overnight and find that the target brand diapers work better!