Sunday, January 23, 2011

and so it begins...

Mary Louise and David were playing in their bath this morning. Mary Louise stood up, looked worried, pointed to her little frog potty and when perched upon it, actually USED IT!!! Yeah!!! This is the second morning in a row she has done this. She's so proud sitting there and "tells" me when she is done with a grin and a nod. Then we have our celebration...

A little trick Brent taught her a couple of days ago. Mary Louise and David have been lucky to have a little more two on one time with their daddy as we joined a gym and take turns working out. Brent therefore has taken over with the first half of our bedtime routine - dinner and bath.

Mary Louise and David are also learning to float on their own in the tub (hence the high water in the video). David did it this morning without any support from me!! We are looking forward to starting swimming lessons (in a big pool) in the spring or so. But for now, the tub is warm and does just fine. We are working on kicking, splashing, blowing bubbles, and floating currently. Progress is amazing!

Oh and the potty training?? I am very excited that some interest is being shown - but I'm taking things as they come - Mary Louise and David are definitely in charge of this area...and David's opinion of the potty foolishness? Yeah - he made his point quite clearly when he tinkled directly on the floor this morning. Then burst into tears and looked very upset that there was a puddle produced that seemed to come from him. Sweet boy. I hugged him, made a big show of cleaning up the spot and saying, "no harm done!" and diverted his attention by running the water for a minute longer - they both love to feel the faucet run over their hands.

Fun times - always something new happening!


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