Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Well, it's hard to believe...

But we're back on track - WITH the internet - in the new house. We signed papers to go under contract with our little house yesterday and are set to go to act of sale in about a month. After 2 months of fooling around with moving, buying and selling, it seems we are moving slowly in the right direction.

We are in the new house and settling into some sort of routine...that by no means is to imply that we are settled, but we're making tiny bits of progress daily with the unpacking and setting up. I'm always surprised with what Brent and I can accomplish given 30 minutes of time together when we know that the 30 minutes are so hard to come by. Under the gun, we can make some serious headway with projects and moving!

Mary Louise and David are simply amazing! They are just starting to take a few steps regularly and can stand freely for relatively long periods (a minute or so). They are eating table food multiple times daily - mostly fruits and veggies still though we have tried tiny bits of baked or boiled chicken breast with little success so far. They eat tofu if you're wondering about protein and take in about 40 ounces in their bottles daily (approximately 25 to 30 of breast milk with the remainder being whole milk). They are wildly strong in will and muscle but have had their moments with upper body strength...

Mary Louise was crawling on the brick patio when her arms gave out. She did a bit of a face plant and won 3 nice brush burns on her poor little noggin as well as a nice purple bruise for most of last week. Was my little wild woman phased? Only very briefly - until she saw the dogs on the floor and decided that they were much more exciting than fretting over a few bumps on the head!

We had an absolutely wonderful time in Florida (St. Augustine) with Granny and Papa and cousins.

Sorry - must run - nap time (I hear) is just about over! Just when I think I can't possibly get any busier...


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