Tuesday, August 31, 2010

David the comedian...

Though Mary Louise has played the brute for quite sometime, it would seem the tables have turned in the past few weeks with David striking back a bit at his (uhem) older sister...

And he may still have (many many) fussy moments, but David has been doing more than his fair share of giggling lately. Every afternoon, he has "giggle time". He hasn't been napping at all (despite my best efforts) so by mid-afternoon, I'm pretty sure he gets a bit delirious and goes through hysterical laughing spells...

So that's what's been happening around our house today!



  1. I loved that first video! So cute!!

  2. OMG....I am crying from laughing so hard. Poor Mary Louise trying to get away. And David just laughing he whole time. I have to go get a tissue. Love you guys.