Wednesday, August 18, 2010

15 month pedi checkup

We made our trek up to the pediatrician's office this afternoon for Mary Louise and David's 15 month check-up - though I do realize most pediatricians check for wellness at 18 months, we still bring the babies about every 3 months to ensure proper growth, development and update vaccinations when necessary.

I must warn you, pediatrician visits are always a bit traumatic...for ME! Mary Louise and David usually do just fine but I typically find myself on the defensive end of the parenting stick..."yes, I am still pumping for them (even though you think it's unnecessary)..." "yes, they still eat at night (even though you tell me according to your growth chart rules and regulations that they shouldn't need to- they beg to differ and since you seem so happy with their weight and growth...)..." "no, they are not eating meat yet - their teeth just recently came in for goodness sake! But, we are trying - they are gagging..." "No, they are not taking vitamins anymore..." "yes, I still want to split their shots (even though the research is ambivalent to say the least)..."

Having said that, there are always (and I mean ALWAYS) remarks about how well the babies are growing, developing and "catching up" slowly but surely with their chronological full term peers.

Today was no different. They had 2 shots - the dreaded MMR and a Tetnus booster. They are almost done with their immunizations and will have the remaining ones at their next visit in 3 more months.

Mary Louise was 26 inches long (while squirming furiously and kicking and screaming because she was afraid of both lying on her back and the stethoscope). She weighed 16 pounds and 13 ounces - not too shabby! David was 27 inches long (pretty accurate as he was still) and weighed 15 pounds 13 ounces - ever maintaining their one pound weight difference.

They did really well - even with the shots - a few tears, some parental cringing, and some prophylactic Tylenol. Today (Thursday) they were extra clingy, with very mild fevers, some little bruises on their thighs - but nothing unexpected - or that we haven't seen before.

This afternoon, Mary Louise actually walked about 3 or 4 feet on her own - the most she's ever done!! David is regularly taking 3 to 5 steps towards us. They "talk" back and forth with one another - though we still haven't been able to decipher actual words, they do repeat similar sounds over and over.

Early Steps (the therapy program that comes here to the house) phoned yesterday (Wednesday). Our case worker (LOVE her!) said that their latest evaluation showed that they are "not delayed enough" to continue to qualify for the program. We will therefore have our last in home PT appointment tomorrow.

Their most delayed area is expressive speech (talking). The evaluation was based on their chronological age only - no consideration given to their prematurity. So, they did remarkably well considering all they've been through, but still have a way to go yet. I will of course continue to work with them daily and if our concerns increase, or their progress decreases, I can request a re-evaluation in about 3 months. We also discussed the results briefly with their pedi who wants to watch their expressive speech progress carefully. If not enough progress is made between now and 24 months of age, out patient speech therapy may be recommended. But, we'll cross that bridge if it comes. Mary Louise and David are still working hard with walking so hopefully, as they progress with that area, speech will follow.

Yesterday just about wore me out. Mary Louise and David didn't stop all day - which is typical - but my gosh - were they busy yesterday. The days' stats...pee on the floor - twice - David and Tootle. Onesie in the toilet - David. Full blown fits - Mary Louise, 3, David 3 or so. Onesie in the bathtub - David (he LOVES water). Memorable bumps on the head - 1 - David.

I suppose I should publish this before I write a book - I'm just so excited to be able to puke up my mess of thoughts again!



  1. So glad to hear they are doing so well! (And I dread going to the pedi for similar reasons.)

  2. And, you are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for pumping still!! :)

  3. Okay, for a moment there I thought they were going to have their toes done based on the title (insert laugh). Just kidding H! As for the breast milk, let me just say, Victoria was still nursing at 18 mos., although only at night, but Pilar did the same with Micah and Olivia...and I think Julie was the same with her are we all wrong? I think not! Those two are doing SO WELL and who is diligently caring for them? Oh yeahhhh, you and Brent, so my thoughts are..."as you were" and "carry on"!

    Soooo happy for the progress and for all that has transpired for you all since their arrival!!

    Love you and miss you dearly!!