Friday, August 20, 2010

LAST PT Friday!!

Happy graduation my lovies!!

Today, Mary Louise and David officially graduated from the Early Steps program! They each took a few steps for their therapist who was oh so proud of their wonderful progress.

We have figured out that Mary Louise likes to simply hold onto something while walking. (think little old lady clutching her purse) It makes no difference that the something typically doesn't offer any stability, it only seems to comfort her to have her hands full. I'll oblige if it gets her moving!

David just wants to walk TO someone. He loves to toddle into the arms of myself or Brent. (and we are ALWAYS happy to catch him!)

To put things in perspective as far as their amazing development...the therapist said today that she has NEVER graduated a child born before 30 weeks prior to their 3rd birthday (at which point they don't actually graduate but age out of that program and go into the public school system). She has been doing this a number of years. This year, she has had a 25 week 6 day boy graduate before his 3rd birthday, and Mary Louise and David have graduated today - at 1 year adjusted, 16 months actual. Unheard of!!!

We are just so so proud of our little troopers and know that they can truly accomplish anything with their immense potential!!!

Wonderful news today!!



  1. When my son was learning to walk, he too had to have something in his hands...I gave him a clothes pin for each hand...the kind that just pushes over the was amazing how that helped him.
    Congrats to your smart babies!!

  2. Congratulations! They beat my 18-month walker!!

  3. Yea!! Congratulations on graduation!! :-)

  4. So over the top thrilling!!! The little miracles were lifted up by constant and massive prayer from so many. Their determined spirits continue to shine brilliantly with exceptional nurturing from their amazing parents.xxxooo

  5. wow great job, We are also watching Jimmie closely for speech. (I should say lack of it)
    Rachael and Jimmie

  6. Awesome!! Great Job Mary Louise, David Oliver, Mom and Dad and thank you Lord for supplying the strength to all!