Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Eagle has landed...almost...

So much has happened over the past few weeks!!! I can't believe I've been without an internet connection for so long! We've been visiting family in St. Augustine, Florida and will be heading back to the house today...

1. We did in fact close on our new house and plan to move in another week or so though we're taking our time as we still own both houses (no offers on the old one yet).

2. The babies did very very well on the over night car ride TO Florida, not so well on the way back - but we survived, so we'll take that.

3. The babies are just wild about water. They loved loved loved the beach, and ocean as well as the pool.

4. Mary Louise and David are officially taking proper bites of soft or crumbly foods - mangoes, potatoes, toast, crackers - they are doing exceptionally well with eating!!

5. One of the MOST exciting moments of the past 2 weeks happened on the morning of the 29th - DAVID TOOK HIS FIRST STEPS!!!!! Perhaps even more special - they were right into his daddy's arms. I'm so excited for him - and for Brent for having such a huge part in such an amazing milestone!

...more later - just wanted to drop a quick line to say that nothing is wrong - and I'll be in touch!!

Thanks for hanging in there with me!



  1. So glad you all made it back safely. Yay for David! Congrats on the new house, I know you guys are so excited! I missed my blog reports.