Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer 2010 pics and videos!!

I've FINALLY gotten a few photos / albums somewhat organized and hope to finish up today. Also, Kyle took a couple of fun videos during his visit...

Playing at home (prior to move) in July:
playing at the home - June / July 2010

Trips to the grandparents' - these are mostly at Ma Mere and Pops' place in MS. - while we were trying to sell the house!
trips to the grandparents! Summer 2010

The babies have definitely developed a fascination with the pets around here...much to the chagrin of our 10 year old dachshund, Chester (which by the way, his name is Mary Louise's first official word!!! - I had no idea how much I fussed at him until she blurted that one out!) Also in this video...David's froggie has a short cameo, as does David's extreme adoration of his Uncle Smee! They are playing in the kitchen - a favorite - they have 2 cabinets all to themselves full of kitchen odds and ends to "cook" with.

And finally (for this post anyhow), we were given a baby tent recently...David absolutely LOVES this thing! It is small and very light so I set it up in their downstairs playroom. It has been a hit from the get go! (I love that you see very little of David in this video - the tent just giggles and rolls every so often in an effort to "catch" Mary Louise)


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  1. Yeah you can see Mary Louise point at chester and say his name when I ask her what she is doing.