Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Moment Please Little Ones...

Well, I've finally reached a wall - maybe I've reached it before...Lord knows what I've been doing these past months - thankfully, I've written much of it down so I can go back and see for myself as I surely don't remember much of it!

We've been going through yet another sleepless phase- not that Mary Louise and David ever really sleep much - but there are periods in which they seem to teeter and toy with the possibility of sleeping - oh, I don't know - MORE THAN 3 stinkin' hours at a time!!! (yes, you do detect a bit of frustration there). For the past 3 nights, one (being David) or both have gotten us up just about every hour after midnight and every 3 hours or so before midnight. In short, Brent and I are both quite exhausted. In addition, they seem to be out growing...or loosing all interest rather...in naptime (dun dun dunnnn). They may take short naps (as in 20 to 30 minutes at the most) once (that would be 1 - not 2 or 3, but 1) a day but that's about it - well on a typical day anyhow.

It could be more teeth charging through. Along with sleep issues (namely, a lack there of), Mary Louise and David have been refusing solids, wanting more bottles, and seem to be reverting back to a wanting a few of their favorite purees - which they haven't wanted for months. The final clue that it's teething related is that Mary Louise hasn't had much trouble pooping in the past few days (somehow I know she appreciate me discussing her bowel habits in a public forum one day). The ONLY time she goes day(S) without at least mild constipation is when she is actively cutting a tooth.

Brent actually stayed home from work yesterday to help me with the babies. We were both so tired from their late night shenanigans that he didn't think he could safely make the 45 minute drive to the golf course. We had a really nice family day - and I'm so very thankful to him for giving us some much needed Daddy time!

This morning was very rough with Mary Louise and David wailing at 5:30am. Mary Louise napped, David did nothing of the sort. I was at the end of my rope and needed some air and a change of scene. We went walking - for 2 hours. Thankfully, the babies do well in the stroller for longer and longer periods so I am able to have a moment or 2 of "deep thinking" time while getting some exercise in the sunshine. (That's enough to turn up the corners of my mouth even on the most trying of days!)

I am also very excited about our newest mode of transportation...BIKING!!! A friend of a friend gave us a very nice double bike trailer that their family had outgrown. It is missing the piece that connects it to the bike currently, but as soon as we remedy that (and I, uhem, learn to ride a bike again...that "never forget" stuff is just bollocks!) we're off!

In the growth and development arena, Mary Louise now "gives kisses"!!! Well, I say, "Mary Louise, may I please have a kiss?" and she leans her forehead against my mouth. Ha - as it turns out, I've given that child so many forehead kisses, she's now leaning in for them! She is definitely calling David "Da" (with a long "a" sound) and has started to call Chester (our dachshund) "uh-der) while pointing at him. Today, she pointed to my nose and mouth numerous times on command and she and David both can put a number of shapes through the proper holes in their puzzle block.

David is my poor accident prone soul this week. His stats: black eyes courtesy of a face plant on the edge of a step (he hit the bridge of his poor nose - OUCH!) = 1; lumps on the head WITH bruising = 1; lumps on the head, fusses with Mary Louise, run ins with toys he didn't enjoy = countless and infinite. (Yes, I realize it's only Tuesday!)

They are both continuing their amazing progress with walking. Mary Louise appears to be choosing to attempt to walk more often in lieu of crawling - especially short distances(3 to 5 steps). She has also started to stand on her own rather than pulling up on things. David lets go of his supports each time he pulls to a stand and certainly isn't afraid to take a few independent steps with a huge grin.

Both Mary Louise and David have also mastered the use of a straw. They are doing really well with valveless sippy cups and can drink out of open cups when we hold them. They drink from a sports bottle as well and take bites of things now rather than having me cut everything into tiny pieces (when they actually want to eat!).

So, we're doing well. We could all use a nice rest - but we're doing really well just the same. Thanks for reading - and thanks to Mary Louise and David for allowing me just a moment to think this through...



  1. Praying for more sleep. Maybe we can get Hollyn and Libby to teach them? THat is ONE thing my kids can do. Can you send some ideas on fingers foods my way, please? Oh, and in your "free time" today can you PLEASE post pics of your new house? :)

  2. Hi Heather,

    You and Brent are doing an amazing job with the little ones. I don't think they have a sick day in recent memory that's because of your hard work and keeping mommies milk flowing for them. It does sound like they are teething and that can be very painful. They are old enough to have some Tylenol type pain relief before bed time in the short term.

  3. You four are simply amazing! So glad you all enjoy the outdoors daily. How fun to have new toys for even more outdoor fun. By the time the babies are teens, you will be wanting them to stop napping and sleeping so long! May the bruises heal quickly. Prayers for refreshing rest for all of you. xxxooo