Tuesday, August 11, 2009

no feet will touch the floor

I am sitting here with my two tiny bundles - each lying over a leg after meal time. ha -so lucky!

I've been asked a few times by visitors to the house, home health, etc. if the babies' "feet ever touch the floor". umm- no not really! (although we did have outside time yesterday and their feet did touch the grass - that was fun. Anyhow, we are just so so excited to have our little ones home.

Honestly, David determined a day or two ago that he was not to be put down under any circumstances as evidenced by his cries each time we try. Mary Louise went through the same phase the first week she was home so I am just trying to enjoy it with him while it lasts - one day he won't want me to so much as hug him right?

Both little ones seem to be doing well - we actually only have a home health visit for them this week. I have follow up visits for Mary Louise the following week with the hearing center and the cardiologist though.

How far we've come and what a time we've had!

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