Saturday, August 22, 2009

almighty gros grain!

From the gros grain god

So before explaining the photo above (as if any explanation excuses that monstrosity on Mary Louise's noggin'), let me first congratulate our precious baby girl on her NORMAL thyroid!!! That's right! No more Synthroid for that little one! She will be rechecked in a couple of weeks to make sure her hormone levels remain steady but for now, all is well in thyroid corner!

Now for the photo. Ok, so prior to getting pregnant I would proudly proclaim, "I will NOT be putting headbands on my poor little girl's head - those things look like they squeeze the brain! Can't they just wait until she grows hair for goodness sake?" Right, so, about that proclamation...

I was at the store today - ok well I stopped at a big baby store that recently moved to see umm how their moved went? (I'm not fooling anyone with this am I)- I saw the bows at the cash register and I swear, something came over me. I determined that she needed one (I also determined that her head was in fact quite a bit larger than it actually is - hence the OBNOXIOUS size). I was so excited as I made my purchase. I chose the color carefully - red hair - she looks wonderful in opposite colors tourquiose and green. Ok - I picked up the GIANT pot of Boudreaux's that I went that way for in the first place and returned home. (an aside - I have found that putting Desitin creamy first, and Boudreaux's second on our babies' rears is the quickest way to get rid of and prevent diaper rash - I'm NO expert but that's what has worked for us). Back to the story...

I walked in the door so excited I could hardly stand it. I put the bow on the band and wrapped it securely around Mary Louise's head. I must say, the new panty hose type bands seem quite comfy compared to the old squeezers. But that bow - it was downright hilarious!!! Honestly, hours of entertainment.

So, apparently, I'm that mom. Go figure.

Here are the rest of the newest photos...

the gros grain god


  1. Photos--soooo cute!! Some absolutely hilarious! Thanks! Yes, the colors are absolutely perfect! Yay for the normal thyroid. The park--so much fun, great lighting for pictures too. xxxxxoooooo

  2. I was literally laughing out loud at Mary Louise and her adorable bow! By the way, I'm "that mom" too!


  3. I am also "that mom". That is how I ended up making them. If you want, I can send you a more size appropriate one to try out, LOL!


  4. Girl! Mecko, Christine, and I are laughing hysterically at your little sweetpea in that HUGE bow!!! How hilarious is that? I am so glad you are "that" mom - it makes for happy days full of laughter!!!


  5. Hi Heather!
    I'm so happy to read about all of the good news from the doctors! Your angels really are miracles, and you and Brent seem to be weathering all of the storms with grace and love! What a wonderful family you've created! The bow (and the story behind it) gave me the laugh I needed tonight! I guess you did overestimate the size of her head, but she'll grow into it! It's extremely cute! Love, Joyce