Wednesday, August 5, 2009

flying solo

So today the little ones had their pedi appointment - David for his wellness check up and Mary Louise just to check her weight. As Brent had to work, I toted the tots by myself. As optimistic as I was about what turned out to be a MONSTROUS task, I neglected to consider a few things that I will itemize here...

1. just because you think you're so smart and figured out a way to carry 2 tiny babies in one sling, it doesn't mean you can also comfortably carry the montage of stuff needed to take care of said babies all at the same time

2. When one poops, so does the other - twice - and regardless of the fact that you made sure to change them prior to putting them in smarty pants sling

3. try to deal with all of that and fill out paperwork - walk back and forth- dodge sick kids, argue with the receptionist about benefits all while the 2 precious bundles are screaming because everything has taken WAY longer than anticipated and they are now hungry (and boy do I mean right now)

So, I muddled through thinking, "I'll grab someone off the street corner next time to avoid going it alone again."

Unfortunately, most carriers, etc. are made for 8 pounds and up and Mary Louise and David just won't fit safely in them (believe me, I've tried). So, for now, the doctor appointments are done with a sling, They actually seem to like it for the most part but with Mary Louise having oxygen now, maneuvering with her tubing and tank can get rather exciting.

Anyhow, David officially has reflux and has been put (back on) Zantac which is what he had taken for awhile in the NICU to help with his feedings. He got the first dose tonight - we'll see how he does over the next few days. After this morning's awesome spewing episode, I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed for some improvement for our poor little guy.

Mary Louise is (of course) still just 5 pounds - just as she was 2 days ago. Hopefully she (and David) will be able to settle in a gain appropriately soon. The next step would be to start putting additives in my breast milk if they don't. They will have weight checks each week from now on but I have arranged to call them in as I've purchased a baby scale for the house and it seems to be getting the same numbers as the doctors' scales.

The oxygen hasn't made any obvious difference yet but we'll see - hopefully her little heart will be medically perfect next time we see the cardiologist.

As far as sleeping goes, it's happing a little more often than it was before - I probably shouldn't say that out loud though! Maybe this trend will continue for at least a few nights and I will get a little sleep here and there. Until that happens, if for some reason you see me babbling to myself in public looking a little disheveled, please excuse the behavior as normal for now and check back later - one day I'll get it together!

Love, Heather


  1. Bless your heart for having the strength to struggle with such a task. I know how difficult doing all of that with a baby can be...and two I can't imagine. As they get older it will get easier. I assure you. I used to take Hayden in in his stroller. It allowed me use of my hands and a place to drag all of his stuff along in. I hope they start gaining soon.
    Love and Blessings!

  2. Im not a mom myself, but I do understand why you would not want your babies exposed to other people with them being premies, and I am hoping other people are respecting that.
    Seriously, that painted one heck of a picture in my mind, when you were said you had the two in the slings, them crying, and then mary louise on oxygen. I totally forgot about the oxygen, and yikes that must be hard to carry that around on top of everything else! You Heather are in my prayers today, I am praying you have some extra help when you lease expect it, and when you most need it.

  3. Hey Heather!
    Have you considered getting home health nurses to come to your home for the babies? Especially for something as simple as a weight check. I don't know what type of benefits you have, but that sure would be helpful. Just a thought.