Sunday, August 16, 2009

just call me mother hen

I'm not sure how so many days got away from me in between posts!! Needless to say (but I'll obviously say it anyhow) we have been incredibly busy here trying our hand at raisin' these 2 youngins. My days are filled with the business of raising preemies - along with the business of raising twins...

They have more appointments in a given week than I have all year long. There are so many agencies keeping tabs on them that I have a hard time keeping track. Between tummy time, rehab, feedings on top of feedings, changing 200 diapers (I've actually paid attention to that) weekly, one large package of wipes, 1 to 2 loads of laundry daily, pumping, feeding (oh wait, I said that), storing, defrosting - ha - I'm lucky to get a shower. So, if you show up here, don't be surprised to be handed a baby and see me run off for 5 minutes only to return with suspiciously wet hair!

Both are growing well - David is about the break the 5 pound mark and Mary Louise is knocking on 6's door. They seem to look at us more often, respond to noises and are gaining strength by the day in their arms, legs, grips, and ability to hold their heads up. They will be 4 months old this week! I look at them and remember so vividly the first time I saw them - their positions, the tubes, their ruby red color. To see them now you'd never know - their age is just a number anyhow - they are absolutely amazing to me.

My mom came for a quick visit yesterday and stayed one night. We did a huge grocery shop, she brought my Tootle and Chester back which helps me breathe a little better believe it or not. (P.S. - they both couldn't care less about the babies! ha - and I was concerned with their reaction - Tootle is my almost 16 year terrier mix and Chester is my 9 year old Dachsund), she cleaned (again) the areas needing touch ups where the cleaning service had been, she swept the carport, and watched the little ones along with Brent while I cooked and cooked all the food we'll eat this week - chicken salad with grapes and pecans, whole grain pasta salad, red beans, salmon with a yummy honey, lemon, ginger glaze - I miss cooking really - I love it when I have time. I also got to garden a bit - "make more" of some of my plants and do some weeding - quite therapeutic in the warm sun. So, we've had a good weekend. Productive anyhow.

Brent is continuing to amaze me with his ever patient effort at balancing out our family - picking up where I leave off so to speak. It will be fun to see how we both adjust over the next wild year or so.

So, this is my nest, my world, and soon my island (with RSV and flu season coming). Just call me mother hen. Believe me, after waiting such a long and painful time, I take it as a wonderful compliment!

Love, Heather


  1. Once RSV season starts, get some of the econo-sized hand sanitizer and put it at your front door. Everyone who enters must use it! (You could even snag some surgical masks and make anyone with a sniffle put them on before entering your nest).
    So glad you're doing well! Your comment about stopping by and being handed a baby for a quick shower made me smile. An friend from when I was in highschool had twins and I would try to go visit at least every other day on my way home from school just to give her a chance to shower at least every other day :) I occasionally had double duty of feeding the them and so I have tremendous respect for you handling so well! I laughed at the thought that the delivery person to your house might get a surprise :P

    Glad everyone is doing well! Glad your pups like your babes! Glad everyone is growing and feeding and doing baby things!

  2. At first, I was concerned that your weren't posting as often, so I'm so glad to read that y'all are doing great! I hate to break it to you, but it'll still be hard to sneak off to take a shower even when they're older! I'm glad the babies are gaining weight and growing stronger! Enjoy life on the island! Namaste! (Sorry, I'm a LOST fan!) Oh, and we have a weiner dog named Chester too! Take care! McCall's cuz Claire

  3. Hey Heather - sounds like you are doing an AWESOME job! I remember those days of weighing my two options - shower or eat! So many meals missed! :) So happy to hear about how wonderful the babes are doing...