Thursday, August 6, 2009

Closer to fine

I would like to announce that the babies are officially one day old (uhem, adjusted age). My due date was yesterday (August 5th). I thought I would be sad to see that day come and go, to know that I was set to deliver 3 GIANT (by our standards anyhow) little ones on that day- or close to it. Honestly, I have a hard time remembering David and Mary Louise's actual birthday. I can spout off their coming home special day dates without a thought, but I seem to hesitate when asked what their birthday is.

Anyhow, August 5th. Still sort of symbolic to me. A milestone if you will. I have 2 perfect tiny bundles with all the potential in the world and I get the honor of watching them grow and blossom each day...and they came home BEFORE their due date!! Amazing I'd say.

I continue to count my blessings - even the odd ones. I mean how many people have the privilege of watching their own pregnancy unfold in front of them rather than inside them? Not ideal I know, but it was a beautiful train wreck of a time all the same.

The little ones took a nap today!! It was a whole 30 minutes in which I folded a load of laundry, ate an actual sit down lunch complete with warmed pasta and fresh salad, and emptied the dishwasher (I would like my super mom badge now please).

When they woke up, we had a nice bath time - I played some Norah Jones, gave massages and sang to them - they both fell asleep - who says I can't sing eh? Anyhow, it made me smile. What angels I have around me. What beauties. I am in complete awe.

David's Zantac seems to be helping - no spit ups today and he was a bit quieter after feeds. He and Mary Louise both ate well too which was really nice - maybe her oxygen is giving her that extra little umph she needs.

Must get some rest - they have both settled down for the time being.

Love, Heather

P.S. Home health will follow up on my weight checks so the babies will only go out for "real" MD appointments - no more dragging them around just to put them on a scale.

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