Friday, November 11, 2011

Such a fun age

So I am totally and hopelessly in love with Mary Louise and David's age. They are learning so much and surprise me everyday with how quickly they can change, mature, and understand their surroundings. We've been busy busy busy - which honestly is not anything different - but lately, we've been the fun sort of busy. Between the speech therapy sessions (by the way, Mary Louise cried and stomped her feet when it was time to go after the last one...I haven't broken the news to her that she'll soon be discharged but I'm preparing for the door slamming and throwing of dolls when she finds out! - and yes I did say she'll soon be discharged!!!!!!! The tentative plan is to do so by this year's end!), we have been frequently visiting the area parks and have stopped in at the Children's Museum here in town too...

Mary Louise on the fire truck display at the Children's Museum. This is just one of her "cheese faces".

and this is another - at the park:

Mary Louise and David have also been doing really REALLY well working together and getting along. The other day at the park, neither of them wanted me to push them on the tire swing - nope - they wanted to be pushed by one another and were more than happy to take turns!

They have started to demand (err, ask for) what they want or need and by golly, if I don't answer immediately, they'll repeat themselves as many times as it takes. I love to hear their thoughts and whims...

Their new favorite ways to slide:

(tell me they don't look unbelievably grown up...)

Their balance and agility has been improving as well. Toe walking, while still and issue, is on the decline:

We've also done a few small projects. Mary Louise and David LOVE painting and have become our little modern artists as of late:

They loved coming with me to choose frames and mats, then seeing their work "all fancy Momma!" after their paintings were secured and placed on this mantle.

The rest of the park photos:


Mary Louise and I doing silly self portraits while David was napping one day:


My cervical ultrasound for the week was on Tuesday. In case you're wondering, (I've gotten a number or messages about it), these ultrasounds are done externally unless the position of the baby prevents proper viewing. I have to say though, if the threat of  "the wand" comes up again, my dear docs may have a bit of a problem on their hands because I'm pretty sure I'd do a few back flips to try to coax little one into moving before allowing (uhem) things to get all up in my girly space again...Of course we took measurements of the Suga Bean as well. My cervix appears to be absolutely unchanged since 2 weeks prior at my regular OB office. My doctor wanted to compare Tuesday's scans to ones done with the same equipment by the same tech. He actually got a measurement of .1 cm longer this Tuesday. Since my cervix obviously isn't growing, this difference is considered negligible. So the measurement, as it stands now, is between 4.2 and 4.34cm in length. I will continue with these weekly measurements and begin P17 shots during week 15.

The baby was exactly where he (she) should be as far as length. Growth had gone from 2 to about 4 inches in just 2 weeks! The heartbeat was great -exactly on track - and we could see tiny hands and feet as he "danced" and wiggled about. It was wonderful!

Otherwise, the week has gone pretty well - but for Wednesday night when Mary Louise thought it best to have a 2am party session that ended in me (finally) getting up and rocking her to sleep between 3 and 4. So not cool. The upside though was that I somehow talked both kids into napping Thursday mid morning - then again today!! This has been unheard of in recent weeks and I've spent many an afternoon begging Mary Louise and David to play by the sofa or bring me books to read to them so that I could lie down for just a few minutes. So, as long as the napping streak lasts, I'll take it.

14 weeks on Sunday!!!!


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