Sunday, November 13, 2011

14 weeks!

I think Mary Louise gets more excited than I do about taking new belly photos! Below was totally her doing - I asked Brent to take a couple of photos of my belly and Mary Louise said, "Momma? Bel-yee?? Momma? My bel-yee?

and without further ado - happy 14 weeks Suga!!

(David also gets quite excited about belly photos - and if you've followed from our humble beginnings, Lizzie is a constant in them as well.)

I'm feeling well - tired of course - but generally well. My right hip was almost constantly bothering me. Kuylen dropped there during his last few days in utero and as soon as my ligaments began to stretch once more, the pain came right back. I've done some yoga and stretching and I've had to take days off of walking and reduce my mileage considerably to get it to subside. But it has and I'm feeling better. My blood pressure continues to behave staying under the golden 120/80. (most of the time well under). Again, this is to be expected and my b/p should remain relatively low throughout the second trimester. During the third is when it would typically creep back up to normal and in the case of pre-eclampsia (please. no.) it would exceed "normal".

I feel little kicks and flips pretty often now - multiple times daily. Wild fun - it's very different with one vs. 3 little swimmers!

I'll have another cervical ultrasound this week then make my way to the peri's the following week.

I also begin meetings to discuss and plan the potential transfer of David's home speech services to the elementary school system after his 3rd birthday. (gasp!) I can't believe they'll be 3 so very very soon!!!


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  1. Holy luscious pregnancy hair! You are looking great, mama!