Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sick days

While both David and Mary Louise seem much much better on this - day 3- of their bout with the "super snots", Mary Louise still sounds pretty bad as far as congestion and was up from 2:30 until about 5:30 this morning. David was up at 6am (or a bit before - Brent watched him while getting ready for work) so she and I have had about as much sleep as we did during their newborn days...ok - their newborn days were totally worse concerning sleep than last night - but I'm tired just the same and counting the minutes until I can justify asking them to go "night night" again.

What are we doing to pass the time inside?? Anything we can think of really - but remember, these kids LOVE their outside time. We did escape yesterday afternoon for a little while when I walked them around the block and put in a couple of miles. It wasn't too hot so they did well and seemed to appreciate the fresh air. I cancelled their therapy yesterday - we'll start up again next week with the private sessions and David will have his home session on Friday.

David has an occasional cough and spiked a low-ish temp this morning, but I'd expect his temp to resolve today and the runny nose to clear slowly over the next week or so. He seems to be feeling well overall - as long as he rests, etc. His appetite has been pretty good too - goodness knows that string bean can't afford to drop weight!

Mary Louise is still pretty congested in her upper chest - but is improving. Last night, she needed to sit up for awhile to clear it and sleep more comfortably - even with meds, and a humidifier with camphor and eucalyptus. It was just a rough night but I'm very thankful she doesn't seem to be getting worse and her fever has stayed at bay since last evening. I'd expect a funky cough and runny nose over the next 7-ish days for her as well. She's had some pretty bad reflux flares again with all of the extra mucous - and her appetite was HORRIBLE for the first day and a half but she's agreed to eat a little periodically since yesterday.

In the meantime, I'm doing all I can to catch up on dusting, vacuuming and mopping around here - as well as washing all of the linens. I don't want dander or dirt to exacerbate their breathing issues and I certainly don't want the "sickies" hanging out in our sheets, etc. (and yep - I have new toothbrushes at hand as well). Of course the vacuuming is much much easier said than done. I have a little sweeper that I can use - but the "big vacuum" can only be taken out if someone else is here to either do the work or watch the kids. Poor Mary Louise is absolutely petrified of that machine. I once tried to push the envelope and vacuum a throw rug - seriously, and 8 by 10 area - very quickly and she got so upset she burst the blood vessels in her nose and started shaking as if I'd put her in a pile of snow. Yep - that bad...

Anyhow, the fun we've had this morning was painting...nails that is: Mary Louise and David (yes, David - calm down, it comes off - don't act like putting color on a nail somehow effects testosterone levels) - besides, he only let me do one nail, in navy blue no less, then promptly stuck that finger up his nose and tried to use my nail file as a sword. All boy that one...

His one blue nail:

Her red sparkles (good gracious, my dad would throw a fit about this!):

of course we did the piggies as well - a little sloppy but the excess will wash off in a good bath - and honestly, how long do you think this will last on this rough and ready chickie anyhow?? (again, I'll vacuum down here this evening - please excuse the blegh)

Showing me their painted jewels while answering questions on Super Why - P.S. they have finally given Mary Louise an official name: Meese (or Meez - not sure how to spell that one). David is always ALWAYS translated to "Dae Dae". So if you ask for their names, those are the answers you'll get.

Mary Lousie kept her "pinky up" for about an hour post painting (because a little more sass is exactly what that child needs right?)...then was running around and tumbling with her nose pickin' bro once more.

Here's to a little more healing, and little less snotting, and a whole lot more rest!



  1. Amen sister! They are so stinkin' cute. But you know all that. Random tip - although being a nurse, you've probably heard it all. I read on a blog some wives tale about put vapor rub on the childs feet. I've long used it on their chests, but Sam's colds always drain straight to his chest - nasty cough and reflux ensues, so I thought I would give it a try. I swear on my life, it works wonders. Have no idea why putting it on his feet would work any better than his chest, unless you believe that there are points in your feet that can influence other areas. FWIW, may be worth a shot, if you get to that "heck, I'll try anything!" space. Now I do it to both kids (sneak it on them once they are asleep) at the first sign of the sniffles. It doesn't always stop the sniffles from turning into something worse, but I do think it helps the over night cough.

  2. I hope the kiddos get to feeling better soon...and I hope you are careful to keep yourself well. The pictures of their painted nails are adorable...and you would never know they are sick wtih those sweet smiles!